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Excuse us while we take a page out of Dr. Seuss’s book:

Oh the places you’ll go, inside Vortex you’ll see,
Service and warehouse doors sized for your needs.
Steel galvanized at 26, 24, 22, and 18
Colors and finishes, like red, blue, and green.
Push/Pull, motor, or hand chain operated,
Ventilation doors with slats perforated.
Insulated doors to conserve energy
And personal doors to access with ease.
With so many options, you’ll think you’re in heaven
Just remember “Vortex Doors”, in service since 1937.

Now that we’ve let the inner child out, let’s talk business. We do, in fact, provide service and warehouse doors in a wide range of sizes to fit your needs. These slatted roll up doors provide security for commercial and industrial buildings. These doors roll up into a coil to save space and avoid interfering with any internal components of the building.

Roll Up WicketBelow is a list of our options available for service and warehouse doors.

  • 26, 24, 22, and 18 gauge galvanized steel
  • Various slat options and designs
  • Perforated slats for ventilation
  • Push/Pull, motor, or hand chain operation available based on size, weight and operation of the door
  • Heavy duty bottom rails with full weather-seal
  • Various colors and finishes
  • High cycle operation available
  • Insulated doors for energy efficiency
  • Personal or wicket doors


To contact Vortex, send us an email at, submit a service request online or call us at 800-698-6783.

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AAADMAs a business owner, AAADM should be an important acronym to keep in mind. Before we get ahead of ourselves, what does AAADM even stand for? The American Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers.

AAADM defines themselves as “a trade association of power-operated automatic door manufacturers” with the aim to “raise public awareness about automatic doors and administer a program to certify automatic door inspectors” and insure all existing doors meet existing ANSI 1560.10 Safety Standards through the latest technology and safety devices.

Automatic door safety is an important factor especially when it involves a building such as a hospital or somewhere that children frequently visit. Regardless of if your building qualifies as one of the above mentioned or not, it is still important to maintain your automatic doors. We’ll agree that seeing someone walk smack into a glass door can be funny; so long as they aren’t hurt of course. However if it’s your business’s door that didn’t open, it may not be as funny when a lawsuit shows up at that same door.

If your automatic door needs to be serviced or repaired make sure to look for the AAADM certification logo on a website. You don’t want your malfunctioning door to be the next viral YouTube video.

At Vortex, we uphold our standards for safety, which is why we made it a point to have over 100 certified AAADM inspectors on staff. Contact your closest Vortex service center today if you are in need of automatic door servicing or repair.

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Herculite DoorsHerculite Doors are some of the most aesthetically pleasing doors you can install for your storefront. These full-glass, frameless beauties take window shopping to a whole different level. Instead of peering through a small shop window, pedestrians can take one glance at your entire store through these doors.

These doors provide a lot of customization options including the glass thickness, opening and closing hardware, finishes, handles, and more. While these doors provide your storefront with that high-quality glimmer it needs, the installation and repair of these doors needs to be handled safely and carefully.

Vortex has years of experience with Herculite door repairs. Our experience will help insure your customers’ safety while providing you with an efficient and long-term cost effective solution.

Options for Herculite Doors:

  • ¼ in. – 1 in. thickness
  • Multiple styles of locking hardware
  • Brass, chrome, bronze, and other finishes for top & bottom rails
  • Selection of stylish handles
  • Floor Closer repair & replacement
  • Panic Bar options to modify doors to be an emergency exit
  • Refurbish bottom and top rails to re-secure onto the glass to avoid replacement
  • ADA Modifications possible on some styles

To learn more about these stunning doors call us at 800-698-6783 or email us at For door servicing and repair, submit a service request or request a free estimate.

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