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Aluminum rolling shutters are the perfect solution for a wide range of interior and exterior applications in industrial, health care, retail, and food service environments. Also known as counter shutters or rolling counter doors, they can be fabricated to exact specifications with options for manual or electric operation, insulation, and custom colors to name a few.

Lightweight, easy to use, and resistant to temperature-related expansion and contraction, these high-quality shutters are an equitable alternative to wood, glass or metal doors. They offer superior protection in adverse weather conditions, and provide exceptional insulation against temperature and sound.

Reliable Storm Protection

Aluminum rolling shutters provide superior protection against adverse weather conditions such as high winds, rain, debris, and snow. Waterfront quick service food outlets, store windows, and patios are all vulnerable to costly storm damage, making securing these spaces critical, particularly in environments that are subject to such extreme conditions.

Effective Sound Barrier

Despite being exceptionally light, aluminum works surprisingly well as a sound barrier, especially when insulation is laminated onto the metal. Aluminum rolling shutters can be used in settings where sound infiltration is an issue, such as yoga studios, manufacturing facilities, and other sound-sensitive environments.

Better Temperature Control

Aluminum rolling shutters can help moderate indoor temperatures by reducing heating and cooling costs. They can also prevent unwanted heat gain and heat leakage through openings such as service counters and windows.

Because aluminum is resistant to twisting, expansion or contraction, rolling shutters made from aluminum maintain their shape in both extreme high and low temperature environments. Better temperature control translates to lower operating expenses and improved comfort for employees, clients, and customers.

Improved Security with Aluminum Rolling Shutters

The most effective way to deal with theft, vandalism, and intruders is by making a commercial property less attractive to criminals. Pharmacies, medical clinics, retail kiosks, and canteens all trust rolling counter doors to protect high-value targeted items such as prescription medications, food service equipment, and branded merchandise.

When installed correctly and secured with a quality lock, aluminum rolling shutters serve as a strong deterrent in that they are both difficult to penetrate and highly resistant to attacks with fire, chemical, and hand tools.

Aluminum rolling shutters deliver a wide range of benefits, especially in settings where security, storm protection, sound buffering, and temperature control are needed to prevent damage to assets. Moreover, they create a safer, more comfortable environment for workers, guests, and customers.

If you are considering aluminum rolling shutters, Vortex is here to help! As a family owned and operated business since 1937, Vortex is committed to providing you a fast and thorough response to your needs. Vortex offers entrance door repairs, warehouse door installations, fire door installations, ADA compliance inspections and low-cost preventive maintenance inspections. For more information, contact Vortex Doors online or call 800-698-6783.

Category: Drive Through Windows

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Category: Drive Through Windows

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