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airplane-hanger-maintain-picNot only must aircraft hangar doors open and close with care, but they must also be durable and rugged enough to handle wind, rain and intense sunshine. And if you manage an airport or military base, you know how important it is to keep these types of doors maintained. Knowing when to maintain your aircraft hangar door can help you to prevent malfunctions and other unexpected problems with the door.


Rust is one of the most common reasons to replace an aircraft hangar door. When the metal of the door becomes corroded and rusted, its surface develops thinned areas which eventually become holes. The edges of the holes are sharp and loose pieces may chip off, which could cause damage to an aircraft. Rusted out areas of the doors also allow wind and rain to get into the aircraft hangar, affecting the planes and other items stored within it.

Electronic Malfunctions

Electronic malfunctions of a powered aircraft hangar door could result in serious injuries to the airport staff. A hangar door that does not open all the way, closes unexpectedly or has other electronic malfunctions could also damage the aircraft. Computer controlled doors may also have problems, especially in their wiring. A corroded connection or loose wire may cause a hangar door to open or close unexpectedly. An error in the door’s programming codes may cause the hangar door to close when it should open or vice versa.

Mechanical Problems

Squealing sounds, squeaks and other unusual sounds coming from the mechanical parts of an aircraft hangar door are strong indications that the moving parts of the door are in need of maintenance. These parts may need to be lubricated or have rust scraped off of their bearings. If the door’s motor makes a sudden and extremely loud sound, then the motor itself may need to be replaced.

Professional Assistance

When your hangar door needs to be inspected or repaired, contact Vortex for prompt and reliable service. Vortex Doors prides themselves in having fast, friendly service, with experienced technicians that have been trained at a proprietary state-of-the-art training center. For more information on aircraft doors, or any door for your business, contact Vortex Doors online or call 800-698-6783.

Category: Hangar Doors

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HangarDoorwTruckIf you own or manage a property that has an aircraft hangar door, such as an airport or military base, you know how important it is to keep it maintained so that it remains safe for those who work in its vicinity. And because its unusual size, you also know that not every door repair company has the ability or knowledge to maintain and repair it. To get a better understanding of the skills needed and the type of company that can repair aircraft hangar doors, keep reading.

Unique Doors

As you may have guessed, in order to maintain an aircraft hangar door, it requires an expertise that is different than just a normal door repairman. It requires technicians that can handle the mechanical parts, the motors, and the all the other elements necessary that go into maintaining such a large size door. And it requires a technician that can handle the many types of aircraft doors, such as the Bi-Folding Hangar Doors, Horizontal Sliding Doors, and a variety of Hangar Canopy Doors.

Preventive Maintenance

It is important to keep in mind that preventive maintenance is often much cheaper than having to regularly re-install new hangar doors. And more importantly, this helps keep the doors safe for those who work in the vicinity. Part of the issue is that the doors are so large that they cannot function if they are even in the slightest state of disrepair. Having a door in disrepair means that parts of it can become dislodged during storms and cause serious injuries. So it goes without saying that safety is important reason to keep your doors maintained regularly.

Professional Assistance

In order to remain safe, it is recommended to get preventive maintenance inspections as well as maintenance on hydraulic hangar doors annually to insure safe and proper operation. And due to their size and specialty functions, it is important to research a company with experience on these doors and for a technician that has a mechanical background.

Vortex Doors specializes in door repair and maintenance on every type of door and this of course includes aircraft hangar doors. Vortex Doors can even help custom design a hangar door and can find hard to get repair parts at a cost effective solution. For more information on aircraft doors service or repair, contact Vortex Doors online or via telephone at 800-698-6783.

Category: Hangar Doors

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hangar door repair

Insulated Aircraft Hangar Door Repair

Small airline owners realize that the hangar door is a basic and fundamental part of their building and help protect aircraft from intrusion, water, sand and dust. Unquestionably, the physical condition of a hangar door determines the failure or success of the structure in extreme weather as some buildings can collapse when a hangar door has blown in. The doors must always operate as intended and this is accomplished through ongoing preventative maintenance and performing repairs as needed.

Door Care and Service

As years pass, once durable insulated doors for hangars can begin to deteriorate. This often depends on the climate conditions and type of door installed. Deteriorating doors can create problems for aircraft building operators that result in potentially dangerous or serious scenarios. Care for a hangar door is imperative to ensure that it meets its expected lifespan. Some of the common maintenance tasks include oiling hinges at all locations, checking cotter pins for wear and tear, adjusting tension bolts, lubricating lift cables, locking cable adjustment, examining door rollers, frame welding inspection, checking switches and wiring and much more.

Certified Repair Business

It’s always recommended to have an insulated hangar door repaired by a certified professional that installs and maintains these devices. They have the tools and equipment to ensure that the door is returned to its original working condition and any replacement parts meet manufacturer standards. Aircraft owners are well aware that the hangar door is an essential part of upgrading or purchasing an aircraft hangar. A well-designed door that meets your hangar specifications can provide years of reliable service if properly looked after.

Choosing a Reliable Hangar Door

Insulated hangar doors come in many styles and with different functionality. They can be designed and built to be used on masonry, timber and steel structures. It’s essential to find an accommodating and qualified hangar door manufacturer with the skills and experience to remove and replace your existing door while making any necessary structural adjustments.

Importance of Preventative Maintenance

Aircraft building doors present unique maintenance and repair challenges. The daily use of a hangar door results in springs and other parts becoming misaligned and disengaged. Identifying potential trouble spots, future problems and safety issues is all part of a regular inspection routine. Ongoing care is a valuable tool that can be used to minimize emergency breakdowns and safety concerns. Make certain that your insulated hangar doors are checked regularly to ensure proper operation.

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Category: Hangar Doors

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