Doors are the number one entry point for pests. They enter through slight gaps around openings, along window screens, and through breaches in the exterior siding. Insects and rodents cause extensive financial and physical damage, it is important to seal these openings to keep them out. Rolling doors and side-entry doors also pose problems for commercial businesses because they tend to be left open or suffer wear and tear due to excessive use. Properly sealed doors will help reduce insect invasion as well as help control temperatures within your building.

When Are Pests Most Prevalent?

In the summertime and during warm temperatures are when most insects and pest infestations occur. Many species hibernate during the colder months and/or migrate to warmer climates. Although you may encounter more insects inside during the winter, as they seek warm shelter inside walls and storage spaces, it’s typically during the spring and summer months that they emerge and become a nuisance.

Reasons Pests Are a Problem for Business

Aside from appearing unclean, some bugs—such as poisonous spiders, cockroaches, and rodents—can cause health problems and spread disease. Rodents, once inside, may cause extensive damage by chewing through wiring and supplies, resulting in expensive repairs and massive inventory losses. Pest infestations may result in a damaged business reputation and loss of customer trust. In some cases, these infestations can lead to business closures due to public health violations and hefty fines.

Choosing Doors to Keep Pests Out

Most commonly doors are installed with a rubber or nylon brush door sweep so that when closed, the openings around the door are no more than a fourth of an inch. There are also other various types of seals for applications and solutions to different pests and insects. Discuss your issues with your local door company to come up with the proper solution.

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