drive thru windowsWhy Fast Food Serving Window Repair is Important

One of the most important parts of making certain your fast food restaurant remains competitive is keeping everything in working order. Not only does it help you provide service to your customers, but also a customer who sees broken and nonfunctional equipment may choose to take his or her business elsewhere. This is especially true about your restaurant’s serving windows. As one of the nation’s leading commercial door and window repair services, we can make certain that your fast food serving windows remain in excellent condition.

The Purpose of a Serving Window

A fast food serving window is designed to let your workers quickly and safely interact with the public, providing them excellent service while also ensuring that the diners inside your restaurant enjoy best possible dining experience. Because of this, most serving windows incorporate the following attributes:

  • When closed, they prevent outside noise and odor from entering the restaurant. You certainly don’t want your workers or patrons to have to deal with the small of exhaust from vehicles in drive thru.
  • Since it’s not open all the time, a serving window reduces heating and cooling bills.
  • A serving window helps improve the security of the establishment. The employees can look at the vehicle before opening the window and can keep it closed when unauthorized pedestrians come up to the window.
  • Finally, a powered serving window can help your employees by reducing the strength needed to open and close the window.

What can Break?

Unfortunately, a serving window can suffer a variety of problems that can require repair. Any of these issues can reduce your establishment’s ability to provide the type of service patrons expect.

  • Glass can be chipped or cracked, damaging the appearance of the serving window and making it less secure.
  • Vandals can spray paint your window, making it impossible for employees to see outside of it.
  • Powered serving windows can suffer a variety of malfunctions to the motor or switch, making them hard or impossible to open.
  • The frame of the window can become warped, causing the window to stick.
  • Finally, weather striping and seals can become worn and increase your air conditioning costs, in addition to allowing foul odors to enter the store.

Repairing Your Fast Food Serving Windows

Repairing your serving windows should be a priority. Not only does a damaged window present a poor image to your customers, it also can reduce the efficiency of your workers. A worker who has to keep forcing a window open or who cannot see through the glass is more likely to make errors when serving your customers. That can be very bad for your business, as a customer realizes that they’ve been given the wrong item and then have to stop and come into your restaurant to get the order corrected. Because of this, keeping your serving windows in excellent condition is a vital part of your restaurant’s maintenance.

Whether it is a simple case of cracked glass or your serving window motor isn’t working at all, getting it repaired can help your customers, employees and restaurant. We’ve spent years developing the expertise to ensure that your repair job is handled quickly and effectively. For these reasons, you should never delay when your fast food serving windows need repair.