Ensuring employee safety at all times within the work place is a top priority for most all companies today. When you are working around motor operated doors and have the responsibility of managing employees, maintaining their safety can be done by implementing a few tips in the workplace to minimize any potential risk. The more aware you are of how to manage safety procedures whenever you are around motor operated warehouse doors, the less likely you or any of your employees are to become injured.

Read and Review Safety Manuals

Before you begin implementing any new safety rules around your workplace, be sure to thoroughly read and review all safety manuals that are provided with the type of motor operators you work around each day. Creating copies of the manuals is another way to share and distribute the information within various departments and locations of your place of work easily.

Post Tips and Procedures in Public Locations

Create bold and colorful outlines on sheets of paper to ensure safety tips for your employees any time they are working around the motor operated doors in the workplace. Be sure to post safety tips and instructions in each location where a motor operated hangar is present, in multiple spots if possible. The more visible your safety tips are to your employees, the less likely you are to encounter an accident.

Call a Mandatory MeetingMeeting

Calling a mandatory meeting is also advisable when implementing new safety tips into the workplace and guiding employees on how to prevent injuries when surrounded by motor operated doors. Hosting a meeting also ensures you have provided your employees with adequate information to keep your company less liable in any injury case.

Create a Buddy System

Create a buddy system in the workplace, requiring two or more employees to operate the motor operated door before entering or exiting the building. Having a buddy system in place can reduce accidents and errors when managing the hangars themselves.

Maintaining employee safety around motor operated doors not only ensures you are keeping all risk of potential injury at a minimum, but it also allows you to create a safe work environment for your employees to feel comfortable in. Providing your employees with the proper guides, tools and resources to stay safe in all conditions regardless of the number of motor operated warehouse doors you are around is a way to make a workplace that is genuinely desirable and protected.

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Image Source: Wikimedia Commons