Have you recently failed an inspection of your business by local authorities because you do not have a compliant emergency exit door installed? Or worse, were unaware that your emergency exit door was in a state of disrepair? The penalties for having emergency door issues can be severe, so to prevent any problems, learn more about the importance of having your emergency exit door repaired for your Fort Worth business.

Who expects you to have emergency doors?

There are five different inspectors that will look at your emergency doors. And this means there are five potential ways that you can get penalized for not having a properly working emergency exit door.

These inspectors are your business insurance agent, the fire marshal, the health inspector, the Americans with Disabilities Act accessibility inspector, and the city building inspector. While their jobs may be similar, they are all interested in keeping your employees and customers safe. Because having an emergency door is vital in saving lives in the case of a fire, penalties are often high if you are not found in compliance.

Hidden benefits of emergency doors

Emergency doors are designed to help you keep ensure employees and Customers can easily exit the building in case of an emergency. Compliant doors also have hardware that secure your door well against theft and unauthorized entry.

How to become emergency door compliant

An inspector will want to see that the door is built in an area where it will not be easily blocked. In addition, it will need to open easily and be installed properly. Other important accessories, such as a lighted sign that says “exit,” may also need to be installed. To make sure you have the right door to protect your business from being closed or fined, a professional emergency door company will need to be hired.

Professional Assistance in Fort Worth!

When you need professional assistance with your emergency door, Vortex is the company that many businesses have trusted since 1937. And we are excited to now be part of the Fort Worth community. This expansion means that Vortex will have more trucks to keep our response the fastest in the industry! Vortex provides preventative maintenance and ADA compliance inspections, along with repairs on a variety of doors, including entrance, automatic doors, warehouse and fire doors. With over 78 years of experience working on doors, Vortex is ready to work with your business.

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