GoingGreen1Going green is a concept that is expanding to many previously unheard of areas of energy conservation. One of the most interesting ways people are using renewable energy is through connecting solar panels to electronic gate openers. The concept might seem futuristic, but it really is part of the here and now. The science of harnessing solar energy for a variety of purposes has been perfected. Reliable gate opening devices powered by the sun is a perfect example of this.

Solar Power and Sliding Gates

Upon flicking a switch, a sliding gate opens. This is the most basic explanation of how you open a sliding gate. Of course, the motor that opens the gate has to be powered by electricity. The source of the electricity does not have to come from fossil fuels such as coal or oil. The rays of the sun can be most effectively utilized as a power source.

GoingGreen2The solar panels connected to the gate system operate in the same manner solar panels on a home would. The panels capture sunlight, convert it to electricity, and then store the electricity in a battery . The battery then becomes the direct source of power to the sliding gate by way of a mechanized gate operator.

The Reliability of this Type of System is Unquestionable

Advancements in technology have greatly boosted the ability to effectively harness solar power no matter what your geographic environment may be. No matter where the property is located, if it can get an inkling of sunlight, the sliding gate can be powered.

Hybrid Systems: Protection Against Power Failure

Those who might not be sure if they want a fully powered solar gate might wish to looking into hybrid options that are available. These gates run on traditional AC power, but also have a solar backup that is fueled by the aforementioned panels. Over time, the solar batteries are charged by the connected panels and they are ready to go if the power lines fail. Terrible weather conditions, wiring malfunctions, or blackout could cut off the AC or DC power necessary to open the gates. Since there is a solar power backup in place, the loss of AC or DC power has no real bearing on the ability to open or close the portal.

There are also inverse version of the previously described backup system. That is to say, the primary power source is solar energy and then a fully charged battery acts as the backup supply.

No matter what system you select, you can feel confident your solar gate system is not going to let you down.

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