airplane-hanger-maintain-picNot only must aircraft hangar doors open and close with care, but they must also be durable and rugged enough to handle wind, rain and intense sunshine. And if you manage an airport or military base, you know how important it is to keep these types of doors maintained. Knowing when to maintain your aircraft hangar door can help you to prevent malfunctions and other unexpected problems with the door.


Rust is one of the most common reasons to replace an aircraft hangar door. When the metal of the door becomes corroded and rusted, its surface develops thinned areas which eventually become holes. The edges of the holes are sharp and loose pieces may chip off, which could cause damage to an aircraft. Rusted out areas of the doors also allow wind and rain to get into the aircraft hangar, affecting the planes and other items stored within it.

Electronic Malfunctions

Electronic malfunctions of a powered aircraft hangar door could result in serious injuries to the airport staff. A hangar door that does not open all the way, closes unexpectedly or has other electronic malfunctions could also damage the aircraft. Computer controlled doors may also have problems, especially in their wiring. A corroded connection or loose wire may cause a hangar door to open or close unexpectedly. An error in the door’s programming codes may cause the hangar door to close when it should open or vice versa.

Mechanical Problems

Squealing sounds, squeaks and other unusual sounds coming from the mechanical parts of an aircraft hangar door are strong indications that the moving parts of the door are in need of maintenance. These parts may need to be lubricated or have rust scraped off of their bearings. If the door’s motor makes a sudden and extremely loud sound, then the motor itself may need to be replaced.

Professional Assistance

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