vortex doors houston commercial door repairBragging is not one of our strengths. We stick to industrial door service, installation, & repair. However, we do receive feedback from customers that puts a smile on our faces and continues to be the reason we love doing what we do.

We’re not trying to single anyone out but these three customers really made us a blush. We can’t express enough how glad we are that our services were more than they expected.

What a pleasure it was to have Kipp here for the day and definitely wanted to send our highest compliments and regards. Not only was he professional and informative during the repair of our door, he was a true gentleman and a pleasure to be around. It was refreshing to have this wonderful experience. You must be extremely proud of your staff.

– Chase Bank Branch, Irvine, CA

I wanted to tell you what an amazing job the guy did. He had to do quite a bit because the base plate was bent and the door was sagging as well so everything had to come apart. He noticed that the window at the top of the door was sinking (leaving air space) so he put a seal in and moved it into place. He explained to me that the actual top of the door has moved out of place. He put an extra seal at the top of the door to make sure it was a good fit with no air there either. All this to say Vortex does a great job.

– Major Coffee Chain, Bothell, WA

I tried to open the front door of our business and could not get the door lock to turn from the inside. I used a Channel-Loc to (accidentally) pull the inside mechanism out of the door. It is 8 am. The door is locked. We are effectively closed to customers. Yikes! A panicked call to Stephanie at Vortex Doors produced two technicians in about 30 minutes who got us opened for business and quickly fixed the lock. They made the door easy to open from the inside and out.  My Channel-Loc is retired. Great job Vortex. You are our door company!

– Minuteman Press, Ft. Worth, TX

Like we said, we’re not good at bragging so we thought we’d let our customers do it for us. While we happily do this work regardless, it is nice to hear that our work is appreciated. We want to thank all of our customers for choosing and allowing us to be your source for industrial door service, installation, and repair.

To get in touch with us feel free to fill out our contact form or email us at service@vortexdoors.com. For emergencies call 1-800-698-6783.