VORTEX_BLOG_IMAGE_1As a restaurant owner, you know all too well the importance of making a great first impression on your potential customers. You pay special attention to your sign and windows, as well as the color scheme and architecture of your building. Landscaping is also important, as it gives a sense of the ambiance diners will be expecting. The major focal points of a restaurant are its doors, and you need to make sure that your doors are helping you present your establishment in the best possible light.

A huge number of customers touch your restaurant’s doors every day as they enter and exit the building. It’s the last thing they see as they enter and exit the building, so you need to make sure that your doors are doing a good job in making your customers happy about their dining experience.

You may need to get brand new doors or simply need to arrange to have them repaired. It’s best to go with a firm that has expertise in installing and repairing commercial restaurant doors.

New Doors

If your restaurant is in need of a new look, part of your remodeling efforts should include new doors. You may have had a quaint, small-town appeal with rustic wooden doors, for example, but now you want something sleek and metallic, designed to appeal to a modern person’s sensibility.

Another option is to get new doors that have larger handles, or padded doors with a bit of heft and seriousness, indicating that your restaurant has grandeur and elegance. Some restaurant owners prefer that their doors have windows so that people can see what’s on the street and sidewalk before they exit.

Door Repair

If your restaurant’s front doors are broken or otherwise damaged, you need to take care of the problem as soon as possible. You don’t want to risk injuring a patron if the door is not working properly. A broken door is also a liability because it lets in hot air in the summer and cold air during the winter, which will make your utility bills go up. What’s more, dirt and debris can fly in more easily when the doors to your restaurant are broken.

When it comes to commercial restaurant doors, you want a company that has experts with the knowledge and experience to install or repair them quickly and efficiently. The longer you have to wait for the job to be finished, the longer your customers will be inconvenienced. That’s why so many restaurant owners choose us for all their door replacement and repair needs. We do the job right the first time, on time, and that’s one reason we get so much repeat and referral business.