If you own a business, you know how important it is to take care of your facility. One thing you may not know, however, is how great a toll the weather of South Houston can take on entrance doors, warehouse doors, and other commercial and industrial door systems. It is important to have these doors inspected and repaired regularly by a professional especially with your doors being exposed daily by the elements.

Tropical Weather

Since South Houston is located just miles inland from the Gulf of Mexico, tropical cyclones and hurricanes are an ever-present threat from late spring through early winter. These intense, large-scale systems can bring destructive winds and widespread flooding, both of which pose a threat to commercial and industrial doors. High winds can easily damage a large door or dislodge it from its tracks, making it difficult or impossible to use and presenting a potential security threat. In addition, flooding can also damage a door structurally or cause it to rapidly rust.

High Humidity

One of the most common problems with doors in South Houston is corrosion caused by the moist, humid climate. High humidity accelerates corrosion of doors and their frames, which can weaken a door structurally and even lead to mechanical failure if left unchecked. If your commercial door, loading dock, or security gate is showing signs of corrosion, it is best to have a technician service the door to address the rust. In addition, this will help verify that it is still structurally sound.

Severe Storms

Along with tropical systems, local severe storms are often associated with damage to doors as well. In addition to high winds, severe storms may also bring damaging hail and torrential rains. Large hail, often driven by the wind, is capable of causing dents or even significant deformation of a door, causing it to stop working properly and leaving it more vulnerable to corrosion and other damage.

Professional Assistance

When you need professional assistance for all of your commercial door needs, Vortex is the company that many businesses have trusted since 1937. And we are excited to now be part of the South Houston community. This expansion means that Vortex will have more trucks to keep our response the fastest in the industry! Vortex provides preventative maintenance and ADA compliance inspections, along with repairs on a variety of doors, including entrance, automatic doorswarehouse and fire doors. With over 78 years of experience working on doors, Vortex is ready to work with your business. For more information, contact Vortex Doors online or call (281) 988-0004