Vortex Service Truck in Orem, UTWhen you own a commercial business, it is important to keep the doors functioning properly. This is especially true if you have a dock or other specialty door that is an essential part of your business operations. At Vortex Doors, we understand the importance of maintaining and repairing doors in Orem, Utah. Mainly, we know that a pound of prevention is worth a pound of cure. In business terms, you save money when you have your commercial doors regularly maintained and repaired.

Keeping air conditioner and heating costs low

When you own a commercial business, you are often paying to heat or cool a large square foot area. According to the US Department of Energy, one of the ways that you can save money is by hiring a door maintenance company that will regularly check the seals on the doors. By doing this, you can ensure that you are not letting money escape through the cracks.

Keeping pests out

When the weather is cool, insects and animals will seek out your business for shelter. One of the ways they do this is through a poorly maintained door. If the door is not hanging correctly or if there are dents in the door or frame, these small creatures can find their way into your business. This can increase the costs of your overall budget by creating a need for pest control and the potential of damage to products.

Fire door maintenance

A fire door can easily get overlooked. Sadly, when it needs to be used, it may not be working correctly because no one was hired to regularly maintain or repair it. In addition to costing someone their life, a poorly working fire door can also increase the price of your commercial business property insurance.  Local Fire Departments recommend your fire doors be test once every year to insure they are working properly in the event of an emergency.

Health inspector high ratings

Does your business rely on refrigerated units? One of the main aspects relevant to keeping your health inspector ratings high is keeping the doors functioning properly. After all, you cannot maintain the correct temperatures inside of coolers if the doors are not functioning properly. While there may not be an immediate need to fix the door, having regular maintenance done will ensure that the cool air is not escaping while the door is closed. This will keep the temperatures at the exact number you need, and it will help to cut down on your utilities costs.

Start maintaining and repairing your commercial doors today

The above lists some of the reasons why it is important to have all your doors maintained regularly. It is easier, safer and more cost-effective to have your doors maintained. With over eight decades in the business, Vortex Doors is here to help the Orem, Utah community with their commercial door needs. We pride ourselves on friendly service, and we seek to fulfill orders the same day they are placed.

For more information on commercial door repair in Orem, UT or anywhere Vortex Doors is located, contact Vortex Doors or give us a call at 800-698-6783.