We take pride in our work, and want our employees to be as passionate as we are. That is why we send them to our State-of-the-Art Training Center; developed to ensure the highest quality when it comes to the work we provide for our customers.

This past January 2013, Vortex became authorized to train and certify technicians through exclusive one-on-one training to receive their AAADM Certification. The 5-day training course is designed to provide all employees with a greater knowledge of doors, safety, procedures, and an overall better understanding of company culture and tradition. Vortex Doors provides each one of their Technicians the tools to the “doorway to success.”

“VTC provides a controlled learning environment where Service Techs have the opportunity to learn in depth how the doors and docks operate and the safest practices for repair. The knowledge they gain promotes efficient, high quality repair and installation practices to Delight our Customers and provide high value service.”

Tim O’Shea, VP/Professor of Vortex Training Center

Not only do we strive to provide quality service to our clients, we take pride in being able to enrich our employees with the knowledge they need to grow and take ownership of their own accomplishments with us here at Vortex.

Do you know someone who would be a great asset to our team? Check out our Career Opportunity page to become a part of the Vortex team! We are always looking to build strong technicians who have an appreciation for the art, and service they provide to their customers.

If you would like to submit a story about your success at Vortex Doors, we would love to hear from you! Please email us: service@vortexdoors.com or for more information please call us at: (800) 698-6783.