Our History

Doorway to Success

Vortex started out in 1937 as LASSCO and specialized in door repairs and installations.
When World War II came in 1941, LASSCO played its part, building blast doors for bomb shelters and hangar doors for Air Force bases. We also made parts for airplane gas tanks and Army tank treads. Although we were hampered by the severe rationing of the time, we still received several commendations and citations for quality and speed of delivery.

After the war, the economy blossomed with new construction. LASSCO fabricated and installed thousands of gates and folding steel doors. In 1972, LASSCO reorganized into the Los Angeles Door Repair Corporation and concentrated on repairing warehouse doors.

Our first branch office, Orange County Door Repair, was started in 1974. In 1978 we opened a San Diego Service Center and changed our name to Door Repair Corporation.

In 1979, we needed a name change to reflect our wide variety of door installation and repair work. We wanted our new name to present an image of strength and motion, and reflect a company on the move. We selected "Vortex."

During the 1980s, we opened many new Service Centers, including San Fernando Valley, West L.A., Paramount, and Commerce. The Inland and Ventura centers were added soon after.

In the 1990s, we further emphasized our customer-oriented philosophy and strengthened our resolve to provide the highest quality and the fastest service in the industry. Our goal is not just to make doors, but to make happy Customers.

By 1994 we added service centers in Long Beach, City of Industry, Denver and Colorado Springs, a dozen in all. By the end of the century, Vortex expanded into Washington, Utah, Las Vegas, and Northern California.

After 2000, we continued to grow aggressively into Arizona, Portland and Texas.

Vortex has a clear path. We make it our goal to provide the same great service and a friendly attitude throughout all of our Service Centers.