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Hangar & Large Scale Doors

Due to their large size, hangar doors require regular professional maintenance to keep the doors in proper working order.

Protect Your Most Valuable Assets

The most common use for hangar doors is to protect aircraft and equipment within the hangar. A faulty or inoperable hangar door could result in decreased security for your aircraft and other items kept inside the hangar.

Since hangar doors are often very large, it’s important that all of the seals are maintained and in good condition to avoid dust and debris from coming into the hangar to ensure a clean environment for the aircraft and equipment.

Hangar & Large Scale Door Types:

Keeping People Safe

In order to keep you, your employees and customers safe, it is imperative to ensure your hangar doors are regularly maintained and repaired. A faulty hangar door could result in damage to the aircraft and security issues.

Improper installation or maintenance of your hangar doors can result in damage to the doors themselves, or damage to the property within or around the hangar.

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Hangar Door Inspection

LADWP Hangar

Regular inspections are necessary to provide peace of mind and confidence that you are creating a safe working environment. Semi-annual or annual inspections allow technicians to clean and lubricate mechanical components, protect against rust, and extend the life of critical operational mechanisms.

Our technicians examine every element of the door system, such as the panels, rollers, cables, straps, safety devices, motor operators, and weather seals. In the event of an emergency, our technicians are on call to diagnose and repair problems to get your hangar door working safely again so you can operate your business.

Turnkey Solutions


Annual inspections lower the lifetime cost of ownership and can extend the lifespan of the door system.

Preventative Maintenance

Proactively check and service critical parts before they break and result in significant downtime.

Retrofit Automation

Retrofit automation to improve ergonomics and optimize the operation of hangar doors.

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Salvage custom or hard to find parts to manufacturer standards.


Repair worn and damaged parts to get your door back into operating mode.

Parts Replacement

Upgrade or replace custom or hard to find parts to manufacturer standards.

Maintenance and Repair

While general wear and tear over time is inevitable, regular maintenance can help prevent costly emergency repairs. Our technicians are trained on all aspects of hangar door systems, including tracks, rollers, safety devices, locks, and electrical components.

Hangar with Helicopter

Maintenance includes inspecting all aspects of the hangar doors. This means ensuring that all weather-stripping and seals are in good condition to make sure that dust, dirt and debris do not enter your hangar.

Preventative maintenance helps in catching repairs early, so you can make certain your assets and property remain protected. We help ensure your doors are safe, secure, and that all parts are tested and calibrated for easy operation to keep you flying with confidence!

Upgrades, Refurbishments, and Customization

Replacing a door can at times be more effective than repairing it. Our technicians offer solutions on the best options to help save you time and money.

A variety of factors may qualify your hangar doors for repair including weather and regular wear and tear. We can help determine which parts can be salvaged and which should be replaced in order to improve safety and reliability. Our experience allows us to source most parts for any model, regardless of its age or construction. Our proficiency extends to all aspects of airplane hangar doors, including straps, safety edges, lock arms, and automated motors.

Services & Expertise

Upgrades (or customizations)

Repair – (rollers/wheels, cables, track, weather seals, motors, safeties, lookouts)

Vortex works closely with businesses like yours to inspect, maintain, and repair hangar doors and components. For over 86 years, we’ve created solutions for a wide range of locations and industries, including:

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Airports & Airfields
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Military and Government Contractors
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Aviation MROs (Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul)
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FBOs (Fixed Base Operator)
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Law Enforcement
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Agricultural Centers

We work on a variety of hangar style doors across multiple applications, including:

Bi-Fold – Cable Strap & Hydraulic
airplane bi folding doors
Common Repair Needs:

Weather Seals
Safety Interlocks
Safety Edges

Tip-Up – Hydraulic
Tip Up
Common Repair Needs:

Weather Seals
Safety Interlocks
Safety Edges

Sliding – Manual & Motorized
hangar sliding doors
Common Repair Needs:

Weather Seals
Top & Bottom Rollers
Safety Interlocks
Safety Edges

Vortex Doors specializes in the maintenance, repair and installation of all types of Hangar Doors.

Our team has extensive expertise in:

Bi-Folding Hangar Doors

Horizontal Sliding Doors

Single or Multiple Panel Options

Vertical Lift Doors

Aircraft Tail Hangar Doors

Fabric Doors

Motor Operators or Manual Systems

Hangar Canopy Doors

Telescopic Canopy Doors

Centerfold Canopy Doors

Canopy Doors

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In order to minimize downtime, our internal support team is ready to respond quickly. With our reliable expertise and ability to quickly source, fabricate, or refurbish essential parts, we will make certain you get the maximum working hours for your business.

Whether you’re interested in improving operations, increasing uptime, or upgrading your existing door, you can depend on Vortex to keep your hangar doors working safely and reliably.

Fully Certified & Accredited Commercial Door Experts

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