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Sliding and multi-panel horizontal doors come in all sizes. Vortex can help service, repair, and refurbish all types of horizontal sliding doors.

hangar sliding doors

Horizontal sliding doors are a popular choice for oversized commercial buildings due to their versatility, efficiency, and aesthetics. They operate by sliding horizontally, typically opening from side to side, with overhead rollers supported by a floor track.

Though horizontal sliding doors are generally low maintenance, like any other system, they can experience mechanical issues over time. Vortex has the experience and technical expertise required to handle issues that impact performance and longevity, such as:
  • Track and Roller Wear. Debris often builds up on rollers and tracks over time, which can lead to difficulty opening and closing the door, especially in exposed areas, prone to stormy weather. Regular cleaning and lubrication help prevent this issue.
  • Worn or Damaged Rollers. Weight, pressure, and friction can wear out rollers, leading to problems with traction and load distribution. Recurring inspections and replacements allow the door to operate smoothly.
  • Misalignment. Because buildings can settle and track components can shift over time, tracks have to be regularly checked and adjusted to ensure they continue to open and close properly.
  • Weather Stripping and Seals. Worn, crack, and damaged weatherstripping prevents your climate systems from working efficiently. Seals need to be inspected at least once a year in order to maintain the door’s performance.
  • Motor and Electrical Systems. If your door is motorized, its gears, sensors, drive system, and electrical components should be tested periodically to make sure they are working as intended.
Service, Repair, and Maintenance

Vortex preventative maintenance services allow you to address problems before they emerge, in order to avoid costly repairs and downtime. When serious malfunctions do occur, our technicians respond quickly to get your doors back into operating mode. Contact us today to learn more about our maintenance services.

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ed M.
Anthony did a great job. He went beyond to make sure the four was fixed right.
Jake T.
Colton and Al were prompt and got the job done and now my store looks so much better!!
Donald P.
Jason was very professional and courteous
Rodney B.
Ask for Ray and Andrew, They service are electronic doors, which was giving everyone the blues. Now it's working like a charm. These guys knows there stuff, why mess around with the rest when you can have the best.
Tony V.
Action speaks louder than words, he displayed professionalism and technical know how. I was so impressed with your simplicity and thorough explanations. Thank you Anthony coming out and Thank you Vortex Doors for sending the best.
Shawn P.
Great customer service. Technicians Dallas and Joey we very professional and knowledgeable. They repaired the door to better then new.
Adam B.
Jv and JJ were fast and honest. I would recommend using them for any of your warehouse door needs.
Rusty R.
Great service
Joseph G.
Extremely professional and proficient! Would recommend for every business looking to do repairs on their buildings. It was so easy using their services. They are awesome!!

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