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Fire doors are one of the most important safety devices in your business. They protect your staff, prevent widespread property damage, reduce liability, and help you avoid expensive fines.

Because fire doors play such a critical role in fire safety, it’s important they are inspected at least once a year by a qualified and trained technician. In order to make sure your fire doors are fully up to code, every Vortex technician is trained according to NFPA 80 2022 Standards. They check all components of your rolling and swinging fire doors, to ensure they operate properly during an emergency. Their comprehensive inspection reports offer a detailed summary of doors that are out of compliance, so you can take steps to address gaps.

If a problem is found, our technicians can immediately repair or replace the damaged door, or its hardware, in order to ensure your fire doors comply with NFPA 80 2022 Fire Standards. Our innovative solutions eliminate the need and cost of expensive replacement work, ensuring your fire doors provide the highest levels of fire safety and security.

Fire Door Types:

Protect Your Assets

Keep your property and staff as safe as possible with Vortex fire door inspection and repair services. During an emergency, well-maintained fire doors limit smoke and fire exposure. Valuable inventory is shielded from damage while staff and visitors are protected. Noncompliance doors are a hazard to the lives of your employees and a threat to your business.

Partnering with Vortex could prevent your company from being shut down by your local fire inspectors over deficiencies in your fire door system. We make it easy to comply with regulations and provide a comprehensive inspection bringing flawed doors up to code as quickly as possible.

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Trained Fire Door Professionals

In order to protect you from liability, a fire door inspection should be carried out by a trained door professional. Our technicians are not only trained to NFPA 80 2022 standards, they can also provide the documentation needed to pass inspection or to present to an inspector when needed.

Fire Safety for All Industries

Vortex provides fire inspection and repair services for companies across a wide range of commercial sectors, including:

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Airports & Airfields
Food Processing, Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, Cold Storage, Distribution, Logistics, Transportation, Refineries, Mining, and Chemical Production
office desk icon
Corporations, Banks, Call Centers, and Data Centers
restaurant icon
Retail, Grocery Stores, and Auto Dealerships
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Property Management
Commercial-Industrial Properties and Parking Garages
hospital icon
Hospitals and Assisted Living Communities
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Hotels, Conference Centers, and Vacation Resorts
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Sports Stadiums and Arenas
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Commercial Airports, Private Airports, and Executive Airports
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Power Plants, Sewage Plants, Fuel Refineries

Turnkey Solutions

Annual Inspection

Annual fire door inspections ensure compliance, increase safety readiness and prevent expensive fines.

Inspection Reporting

Comprehensive fire door inspection reports provide a detailed summary of noncompliant doors and enable proactive management to address gaps.

Inspector Qualification

All inspectors must be trained and qualified to inspect fire doors. Vortex is proactively training all field technicians now to meet new IBC 2024 requirements for Rolling Steel and Swinging Fire Doors.

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Non-Compliance Repair

Vortex can immediately repair fire doors that inspections show are not compliant, saving customers time and money.


Replace damaged and non-compliant fire doors and components to get your operations back into operating mode.

Innovative Solutions

Eliminate the need and cost associated with expensive replacement work, leveraging Vortex innovative solutions.

Services Offered


Vortex provides a comprehensive range of fire door inspection and repair services, including:

  • Annual Fire Door Inspections
  • Non-Compliance Repairs
  • Fire Door Replacements
  • Fire Door Inspection Reporting
  • Fire Door Inspection Label with Testing Date
  • Worry-free scheduling of your annual inspection to stay compliant with the Fire Marshal.

Fire Door Types

Vortex installs, repairs, and maintains a full line of commercial fire doors and assemblies. Contact us for inspections, repairs, or replacement of the following types of fire doors:
  • Rolling Steel Fire Doors
  • Horizontal Sliding Fire Doors
  • Hollow Metal Swinging Fire Doors and Frames
  • Wood Fire Doors and Frames
  • Counter Shutters
  • Fire Rated Chute Doors

Our inspection teams ensure every door is compliant with NFPA 80 2022 Standards or provide inspection sheets noting specific deficiencies and a quote to bring them up to proper fire codes. Protect your business with the experience and expertise it deserves.

Fire Door Rolling

Common Inspection & Repair

Fire Rated Swing Doors & Hardware
swinging fire doors
Fire Rated Roll-Up Doors
Fire Rated Roll Up Doors
Fire Rated Horizontal Sliding Doors
Fire Rated Sliding Doors
Fire Rated Chutes
Fire Rated Chutes
  • Visual inspection
  • Activation/release devices
  • Clearance/Gap checks
  • Proper operation
  • Mounting hardware
  • Proper fire label
  • Door and Hardware damage
  • Inspection of draft & smoke control
  • Free of field modifications
  • UL Listing
  • Missing or incorrect fasteners
  • Test and reset

Fully Certified & Accredited Commercial Door Experts

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Ryan from Vortex did an amazing job getting the roll up door operational and was very professional
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