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Access Control Systems

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Vortex specializes in commercial door installation and repair, as well as access control devices for your building. Call us today to discuss solutions to meet your needs.

Vortex Doors access control systems are a reliable, convenient, and cost-effective solution that protects your property without impeding your staff or business. Whether you need to secure a few doors within an office or a large, multi-building complex, our team can provide the hardware and software necessary to safeguard your building and assets.

With over 85 years of experience installing, repairing, and servicing commercial doors, Vortex creates customized access solutions. We specialize in traditional access control systems, IP-based systems, and cloud-based systems ‒ for stronger protection, flexibility and control.

Access Control System Types:

We partner with leaders in the industry to provide the best solution for you and your business.

Finding the Right Access Control System

As technology has evolved, new systems have emerged, offering businesses greater visibility and control over their buildings. However, many companies find traditional tools still provide the best solution at a lower cost, which is why Vortex offers a wide range of hardware, in order to find the system that best matches your needs. We can assist with:

  • Remote Transmitters for Doors and Gates
  • Magnetic Locks
  • Keypad Controls
  • Proximity Readers
  • Card Readers
  • Key Fobs
  • Automatic Timed Locking
  • Telephone Entry Systems
  • Gate Boxes and Loop Detectors
  • Audio/Video Intercom Systems
  • Biometrics
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Traditional Access Control Systems

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Keypads are the simplest and most traditional access control system. Still widely used in retail, commercial, and industrial spaces, they require users to input a code to unlock the door. Though keypads can be installed as part of a complex, interconnected system, they are generally standalone units ‒ controlling access to a single door without the use of a key, fob, or access card.

Advanced engineering and design allows them to work with almost any entry point technology, such as magnetic locks, electric strikes, and automatic gates. Vortex offers a broad selection of keypad devices, including:

  • Stand Alone Keypads: Stand alone units have a built in touchlock system that requires each user to type in an assigned Pin code. Additionally, to stand alone keypads, Vortex offers a unique addition to this type of system, utilizing new technology. Master Lock’s Bluetooth device can provide cell phone access to any existing stand-alone system with an audit trail.
  • Integrated Digital Keypads:Operate with unique codes assigned to users and linked to a centralized access control system that monitors and tracks movement in and out of your building.
  • Outdoor Digital Keypads: Whether stand alone or integrated, outdoor keypads are durable and protected, capable of operating reliably for years in harsh weather.
  • Dormakaba Push Button Locks: Not reliant on batteries or electricity, these are mechanical, push button devices. A keyless solution that can be easily incorporated in order to control access to sensitive areas.

IP-Based Access Control Systems

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IP-based access systems operate via a LAN/WAN connection. They also let you grant electronic access to specific users utilizing a backend database. In addition, they are typically easy to expand upon, capable of building a network of more than 50 doors without the need for rewiring.

The majority of IP systems rely on key fobs or access cards, proximity devices that emit a low radio frequency, which communicates with the access control system to unlock and monitor entry/exit.

Advantages of IP-Based Access Control Systems:

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Easily Expandable
Installing an IP-based system allows you to quickly implement and expand your security, creating a grid that lets you control access through your current communication lines.
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Efficient Management
Embedded software lets you manage users and monitor their behavior in real-time with a web browser or PC.
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Flexible Scheduling
IP-based systems incorporate multiple credential modes, offering you a variety of access options. You can utilize a card only system, a PIN only system, or a combination of the two.
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Multiple Credentials
These systems have multiple credential modes making it flexible for a variety of access options. You can utilize a card only system, a PIN only system, or a combination of the two.

Cloud-Based Access Systems

Cloud-based systems not only allow you to manage access to your building from a desktop or mobile device. They also allow users to unlock and activate doors with their smartphones, rather than rely on a keycard or fob. Introducing cloud-based software into your security system reduces your costs and operational burden, while also letting you manage your building remotely, which includes:

  • Adding New Users
  • Expanding Access
  • Restricting Access
  • Revoking Access
  • Locking Down Your Property
  • Tracking User Behavior
  • Exporting Access Logs
  • Verifying System Operation
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A strong choice for small, large, single, and multi-site facilities, cloud-based systems are easy to use and scale. For businesses that require different levels of access both between and within buildings, a cloud-based system provides a comprehensive view of all exit/entry activity, as well as a clear summary of the permissions granted to all employees. It provides you with total control over who enters your building and how events are tracked, accessible anytime from your smartphone.

Whether a traditional, IP-based, or cloud-based access control system is the right solution, Vortex Doors can help. Contact our team today to schedule an appointment or give us a call so we can assess your needs. At Vortex, we pride ourselves on excellent service and providing the best solution for you and your business.

Turnkey Solutions

New Installations

First-time installations of new efficient Cloud-based or IP-based Access Control Systems Integrated w/ All Types of Doors, Gates, Barriers Arms, Turn-styles and more.


Comprehensive Repair Services of Access Control Systems which have been Integrated with All Types of Doors, Gates, Barriers Arms, Turn-styles and more.

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Upgrade or Replacement of Access Control Systems as a Result of Proprietary / Outdated / Discontinued Systems &/or Out-of-Business Providers.


Diagnosis of Malfunctions and Operational Errors of Access Control Systems & which have been Integrated with All Types of Doors, Gates, Barriers Arms, Turn-styles and more.

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We had one of our warehouse doors damaged by a UPS truck. We contacted Vortex to get a quote for repair. We approved the quote and scheduled for repair. The techs came out and did a fantastic job and everything was taken care of. Great job Great crew. I dealt with Odaliz in the office and everything went smoothly. Vortex is are go to for any door installs or repairs.
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I will say we have had some issues with Vortex doors in the past however the techs that have been out, namely Wyatt is great! Wyatt has been out to service our doors a few times and he is very transparent with what is happening with the door and how he is going to fix it. Great job Wyatt!
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Good professional help thank you. Send more techs like Edgar please!
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I don't usually do this, but Eric deserves more than 5 stars. It was by far the best experience. Eric is very professional and knows what he is doing. If you want to fix your gate. Call Vortex and make sure you want ERIC to come out on your site. You won't regret/waste your time.
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Dustin, Edgar and Alejandro did a fabulous job for us. Very professional and easy to work with.
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Aaron was a pleasure, super helpful and able to quickly solve our door issues! We have used Vortex for years because of their great customer service. Definitely recommend!
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Ryan and Cole got our overhead all fixed up with nice new springs and cables. We are back up and running with full production now that we have all our overhead completely functional again. Thank you to these guys for the timely services
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We switched to using Vortex at my property after not being happy with the previous company. They have been great! All of our jobs are completed in a timely fashion, when ever we call in the customer service is always excellent. We look forward to continue using Vortex for all of our property needs!
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Cole did a great job repairing our door

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