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Access Control Card Reader

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Access control card readers are a solution to keep your building secure by only allowing authorized users to enter your building. Systems can work for large and small businesses.

holding badge to card reader


This type of access control falls under a larger umbrella of access control systems, which include biometric readers, RFID and smart card readers, physical access control, HID and proximity readers to name a few.

They are designed for the purpose of enhanced security solutions for a variety of applications and businesses. These days more than ever, enhanced security measures are paramount to ensuring your business and buildings remain operating efficiently. That’s where access control card readers come in.

Manage Access Remotely

Card readers can operate through a central database, which enables you to grant, revoke, or restrict access without cutting, collecting, or re-issuing keys. Permissions and credentials can be adjusted instantly from any location, making it possible to manage multiple facilities from a single site.

Monitor Entry and Exits

Because access control card readers operate over a single, secure network, they provide a full and accurate record of everyone who moves through your business. This data not only lets you track your employees’ daily activities, it also limits opportunities for unauthorized entry.

Customize Access

Card readers can be installed to protect any room or entryway, including offices, warehouses, airplane hangers, parking garages, server rooms, and research laboratories. Different levels of access can be granted for each location, ensuring sensitive material is safe from unauthorized visitors and personnel.


Card readers allow you to create a large, multi-layered security program at a reasonable price. Safeguards can be expanded to cover any number of sites and employees with a minimum of time, effort, and resources.

Why Choose Vortex Doors For Your Access Control Needs

Vortex Doors has over 86 years of experience in the commercial door industry with locations across the United States. For more information about installing or repairing access control card readers or enhancing security for your commercial entryways, contact us today.

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