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Vortex understands the importance of providing a great customer experience from the moment your customers walk up to your door. Doors should allow customers to easily and safely enter and exit your building. We can repair, service, or replace all types of door including upgrades for ADA accessibility or access control security. 

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Entrance doors need to work reliably at a safe speed to allow your customer a great experience as they enter and exit your store. Vortex Technicians are trained on all types of entrance doors including ADA testing and modifications.

Entrance & Swinging Doors
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Automatic doors must be reliable and open smoothly to welcome customers to your store easily. Vortex Technicians are AAADM Certified to ensure your automatic door system works smoothly, safely, and are up to current ANSI 156.10 Safety Standards.

Automatic Entrance Doors
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Vortex has extensive experience and qualified technicians to repair, replace, and service all types and sizes of receiving and warehouse doors:

Rolling Steel & Sectional Doors
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Vortex works on all types of security gates, parking lot gates, internal kiosk gates, and external gates to keep your store secure:

Security Gates and Grilles
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Dock levelers need to operate safely and reliably to keep product delivered to your store. Our fast response will minimize downtime and allow trucks to unload quickly and safely. Our crews will service the unit for safe and reliable operation.

Loading Dock Doors & Equipment
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Vortex expertise ensures your store is safe and secure. Our technicians eliminate operational headaches and safety risks associated with outdated systems, after hours security, and specialized secure areas.

  • Building Access Controls
  • Badge Readers
  • Mag Locks
  • Electric Strikes & Hardware
  • Turnstiles
Access Control
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Vortex can help with all types of specialty and custom type doors of any size. With our network of expert technicians, we can refurbish, repair, modify, or replace custom and specialty type doors.

Specialty Doors & Services
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Vortex Technicians are fully trained and certified to inspect, service, and test all types of fire door systems. Techs are trained to the new 2024 NFPA 80 Standards so you can be sure your doors work safely and reliably in the event of an emergency.

Fire Doors, Inspections & Repairs
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Vortex technicians are trained with the latest knowledge and equipment, enabling them to provide fast, reliable, and professional service to hangar doors. Our inspectors lower lifetime cost of ownership while improving operations and minimizing downtime.

Glass Bi-Folding Doors

Fully Certified & Accredited Commercial Door Experts

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Anthony K. ★★★★★ Jose Velasquez was extremely helpful in fixing the front door of our store and explaining what was wrong with it to begin with while also giving details of what parts needed to be ordered/replaced.Cici E. ★★★★★ Christian was a huge help when he came into my store to repair a door! Talk about thorough and efficient! He explained the work that he did and even showed me his work after before leaving to make sure I was satisfied! If I could request for a person to come every time I needed something fixed it would be Christian!Brenda G. ★★★★★ Thank you Joey S. for fixing our store front door!Tony V. ★★★★★ What a guy, Christian!!Called up the Vortex doors company, and Christian showed up before the promise time. Understood the issue and fixed it diligently. The best part was that, after fixing the store's grill door, he BLESSED the store with a prayer for the store's well being and progress. I was really impress.Any time need door help, ask for Christian.Thanks.Tony.Denise M. ★★★★★ Dan went above and beyond to help open a storage room door needed to run my store. Not only did he complete the job he was called for, he was able to also accommodate time to help with other non urgent tasks that I've been putting off.Germaine S. ★★★★★ Luis and Alex did a great job fixing our door to the entrance of the store. They also provided excellent customer service. We are so happy with the service that was provided.Briahna S. ★★★★★ Very proffesional and skilled. Jason walked me through not just getting the glass replaced, but taking care of my stores door and hydronic close so that the damage didn't worsen before the new glass replacement came. Even correctly anchoring our transition strip appropriately which had been overlooked forcyears by others. The installation was quick and he was very courteous of our store hours and our customers. 10 out of 10. I'll be asking for him specifically if anything ever happens to our door again.Erika P. ★★★★★ Ryan is the best there is!! Vortex came straight out after someone broke into our store, ordered the materials to fix the door and Ryan came out as soon as the materials were in to get it all fixed up! If your are needing services please give these guys a call! They did an amazing jobAlex B. ★★★★★ I have stores that I manage up in Sacramento and Vortex always comes through when I need them. My company pays 30 days out and they never have a problem with that. I called close to end of day one time, and they said they could not help me until the following day, but I told them it was emergency and they made it happen that night.js_loader

Perfect service, incredibly fast.

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