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Automatic Doors

Leverage our maintenance, inspection and repair services to ensure your Automatic Doors are compliant and provide accessible entry and energy savings to your business.

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These doors are often used in retail, healthcare and hospitality establishments where easy and quick access is a necessity.

Vortex can help with most of your automatic door needs by providing a diagnostic and safety test of your system to quickly determine what repairs are needed. Once repairs are made you can be sure that we will notify you of any problem areas or if your doors do not comply with current AAADM safety standards to help protect you and help avoid any potential injuries to your Customers.

Automatic Door Types:

Ensuring convenient, versatile, and touch-free entry for high-traffic areas.

Properly maintained Automatic Doors optimize the flow of people, goods, and equipment through your building. When properly serviced, automatic door systems provide visitors with fast, easy, and reliable access to all critical entry points.
Whether controlled through key cards, wall switches, or automatic door sensors, these door systems open and close quickly, quietly, and efficiently, to accommodate seniors, those with disabilities and those pushing shopping carts or have their hands full while simultaneously limiting exposure to external temperatures and preserving indoor climate zones.
AAADM Certified Vortex technicians can custom fit automatic doors to almost any opening, making them a valuable addition to a wide range of environments and institutions.
  • Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities
  • Shopping Malls and Retail Centers
  • Supermarkets
  • Office Buildings
  • Gyms
  • University Campuses
  • Stadiums
  • Convention Centers
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Our technicians provide trouble-free inspection, maintenance and repairs, for exceptional performance tailored to your needs. We offer automatic door systems with a full assortment of options and frame widths.
  • Full Glass Panels. Ideal for internal and secondary entryways, glass doors create clear, unobstructed views that maximize natural light.
  • Concealed Sliding Doors. Tracks for concealed sliding doors extend back into the adjoining wall, allowing the glass panels to remain completely hidden when the door opens.
  • Telescoping Doors.  Designed for narrow entryways, telescopic doors save space in buildings with little room for paneling and hardware.
  • Airtight Seals. Strong seals prevent airborne particles, such as dust and bacteria, from contaminating cleanrooms and laboratories.
  • Impact Glass. Installing automatic sliding doors with reinforced glass creates fortified entry points without damaging curb appeal or aesthetics.
  • Weather Resistant Frames and Paneling. Buildings in harsh climates, subject to storms, tornados, and hurricanes, may require thicker glass and heavy construction in order to withstand excessive rain, snow, and wind.

Automatic Doors for All Industries

Vortex provides repair, inspection and maintenance services for a variety of automatic doors across a wide range of commercial sectors, including:

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Grocery Stores
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Auto Dealerships
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Property Management
Clean Rooms
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Senior Care
Convenience Stores
Gas Stations

Turnkey Solutions

Annual Safety Inspection

Annual Automatic Door safety inspections ensure compliance, increase safety readiness and prevent expensive fines.

Inspection Reporting

Comprehensive Automatic Door inspection reports provide a detailed summary of noncompliant doors and enable proactive management to address gaps.

Inspector Certification

Vortex field techs are trained and certified to thoroughly inspect Automatic Doors, ensuring your doors are in compliance.

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Non-Compliance Repair

Vortex can immediately repair Automatic Doors that
inspections show are not compliant . . . saving customers time and money.


Replace damaged and non-compliant Automatic Doors and components to get your operations back into operating mode.

Innovative Solutions

Eliminate the need and cost associated with expensive replacement work, leveraging Vortex innovative solutions.

Service and Set-up

Inspection, maintenance and repairs are crucial to an automatic door’s performance, integrity, and long-term costs. Vortex service teams are AAADM Certified (American Automatic Association of Door Manufacturers), trained not only to troubleshoot performance problems, but also ensure your doors conform to state and local safety standards.
Brands repaired and upgraded include Besam, Dorma and Horton, though our experience within the industry qualifies us to work on doors from practically every manufacturer. Our fast response, proactive methodology, and deep, technical knowledge minimizes downtime, protects your assets, and extends the life of valuable hardware. Vortex technicians are taught to identify and correct problems in every part of your door systems before they lead to damage, liability, or mechanical failure, including:
  • Faulty Safety Devices. To protect users, all automatic doors are equipped with safety sensors that prevent them from closing until the entrance is clear of people. All safety devices must be tested regularly by a qualified professional to ensure they meet the standards laid down by the AAADM.
  • Programming Errors. If a door’s command settings do not follow the proper sequence, it may cause the panels to open too slow or close too fast, leading to access and safety issues.
  • Sensor Malfunction. When a microwave or infrared sensor can no longer detect motion or becomes overly sensitive to approaching objects, it can seriously compromise access and safety.
  • Misaligned Tracks. When a door’s tracks and frame are no longer in line, the door may become jammed in place or create gaps between panels.
  • Power Failure. Bad wiring and faulty connections can cause disruptions that freeze the door in place or leave it sitting wide open.
  • Worn Weatherstripping. Rubber and plastic seals prevent energy loss, while also blocking out dust, debris, and pests.
  • Insufficient Lubrication. To prevent wear, moving parts need to be oiled according to their manufacturer’s specifications.

Vortex service installs automatic doors as part of new construction or retrofits them onto existing buildings. We keep your systems up-to-date and running smoothly, ensuring entrances remain safe, accessible, and up to code. Contact us today for more information about setting up and servicing automatic doors in your building.

Types of Service Repairs

  • AAADM Inspection
  • Sensor Upgrades / Replacement
  • High Traffic Control
  • Motor Replacement
  • Breakout Switches
  • Roller Replacement
  • DC1 retrofit
  • Retrofit Speed Adjustment
  • Glass Replacement
  • Weather Seal Replacement
  • Electrical Troubleshooting
  • Drivebelt Replacement
  • Access Control Sys Integration
  • Annual Inspection to Reduce Liability
  • Inspector Certification

Fully Certified & Accredited Commercial Door Experts

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Zachary C. ★★★★★ Vortex has been fantastic at helping our company with our automatic, garage and keypad entry doors. They have come with creative solutions to our issues and resolved each one.jandersonsabotsoil ★★★★★ Text technicians made it out to the job site earlier than I anticipated. They were able to take care of a job well under the time expected before closing today. Not only did they correct the door closure for security but they were able to check out the workings of the automatic closers.Nice job. Thank you!Natalie D. ★★★★★ Austin and Javier went above and beyond to ensure our doors were installed wonderfully. We needed an extension chord placed and they even wrapped it neatly in the corner where it isn't noticed. They installed the automatic doors quickly and worked so nicely to ensure customers still had a good experience and could walk through a clean lobby. Thank you to both of them! We will for sure use you again.Ari W. ★★★★★ We reached out to Vortex to help us make the front door at our business quieter. John came out the day after I called and provided so much helpful information about making adjustments to several of the noisy doors, including suggesting an automatic closer for the front door. He was knowledgeable, extremely courteous and truly demonstrated a desire to be of service. The following day, Jordan came and installed the closer and our front door has been magically silent ever since! Jordan even noticed that the seal around the door was missing so he sealed it for us and didn't even charge extra. I am so impressed by the technical prowess and helpful demeanor of both John and Jordan. Amy in the office was very helpful too, acknowledging my concerns and accommodating us so quickly. I highly recommend Vortex Doors!Richard L. ★★★★★ Alex was such a great help with our automatic doors. Very knowledgeable and very professional. I will recommend Vortex doors to anyone.david O. ★★★★★ Edgar and Kevin did an amazing job in our entrance and exit automatic doors. We get professional and kept their work area clean and organized.P R ★★★★★ We received the greatest service from David Hibbert & Robert Lawrence today. They arrived in the coolest service trucks, listened to our issue and diagnose the problem in less than twenty minutes!!!!They were the most professional vendors I have dealt with in a long time. If you're having troubles with an automatic door or an electronic gate.... call Vortex and ask for David or Robert. They will take care of your issues!!Alex ★★★★★ Vortex Doors services many of our Theatre doors including our automatic entrance doors. They really came through for us when our entry door wouldn't open for the day. Fast Service!!js_loader

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