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Low Energy Door Operators

Leverage our maintenance, inspection and repair services to ensure seamless compliance with safety regulations on low energy operators.

A low energy door operator transforms a manual door into an automatic swing door. Installing low energy operators allows persons with limited strength or mobility fast and easy access to your building. This is an ideal solution for areas that experience high traffic from seniors, children, disabled people, and individuals carrying objects or pushing carts. They’re also a solution to windy conditions, ensuring the door is fully closed and won’t blow open uncontrollably.

Service and Repair

Automated entry systems require skilled repair and regular maintenance in order to provide reliable access. Repairs, upgrades, and troubleshooting not only minimize depreciation, but can even extend the life of low energy operators. Our careful attention to detail, as well as local building codes and manufacturer instructions, ensures smooth performance. In order to guarantee systems function correctly, Vortex technicians are trained to consider all aspects of setup and operation.

  • Power Requirements. Though low energy operators consume only minimal electricity, the motor cannot run without a steady and stable power supply located close to the installation site. Vortex technicians will advise on power requirements and test connections, altering the building owner if the operator requires new wiring.
  • Structural Considerations. Low energy openers can be installed as part of new construction or retrofit onto existing doorways. Our technicians inspect the weight of the attached door to make certain it can support the motor, arm, and housing without affecting their mechanical action.
  • Wear and Lubrication. Friction wears down gears, hinges, and pivot points over time. Poor lubrication accelerates this process, increasing the likelihood of malfunction. Proactive maintenance protects moving parts and prevents unexpected downtime.
  • Sensor Input. Microwave, infrared, or photocell detectors that are misaligned are difficult or impossible to activate. On the other hand, overly sensitive detectors open and close erratically, hindering use.
  • Program Settings. Low energy operators follow a simple cycle of commands, but if these get out of sequence, then the door may not respond as intended to the sensor, switch, or reader.
  • Door Alignment. When the door does not fit snugly in its frame or rest comfortably on its hinges, it prevents the opener from swinging open and shut smoothly.
  • Control Board. Damaged, loose, or burnt components can cause the operator to behave unpredictably, or stop functioning altogether.
  • Testing and Calibration. Before being activated, Vortex technicians check the operator’s force and speed settings, as well as its control functions and hold time, to ensure it operates within acceptable limits.
  • Manual Operation. The manual release bar or button allows people to exit through the door in case of emergency. We ensure the door swings open easily, so people can evacuate safely.

Vortex technicians are skilled in repairing, diagnosing, and servicing the full range of low energy door operators. Our maintenance and repair teams diagnose malfunctions and replace outdated or discontinued systems, to ensure entry hardware provides safe and easy access to your building.

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Vortex Doors specializes in the maintenance, service & repair of all types of Automatic Doors.

Our team has extensive expertise in:

ADA Compliance

Button Replacement

Battery Replacement

Motor / Gearbox Replacement

Electrical Troubleshooting

Adjustment For Stack Air Pressure

Adjustment For Compliance

Hands Free Activation

Fully Integrate-able Into Access Control Systems

High Traffic Fire Door Integration

Controls Door From Swinging To Far In High Wind Areas

Set Up For Interlock

Fix Arms

Low Energy Operated Doors for All Industries

Vortex provides repair, inspection and maintenance services for a variety of low energy operators across a wide range of commercial sectors, including:

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Property Management
Call Centers
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Senior Care
Assisted Living
Post Offices

Turnkey Solutions

Annual Safety Inspection

Annual Low Energy Operated Door safety inspections ensure compliance, increase safety readiness and prevent expensive fines.

Inspection Reporting

Comprehensive Low Energy Operated Door inspection reports provide a detailed summary of noncompliant doors and enable proactive management to address gaps.

Inspector Certification

Vortex field techs are trained and certified to thoroughly inspect Low Energy Operated Doors, ensuring your doors are in compliance.

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Non-Compliance Repair

Vortex can immediately repair Low Energy Operated Doors that inspections show are not compliant . . . saving customers time and money.


Replace damaged and non-compliant Low Energy Operated Doors and components to get your operations back into operating mode.

Innovative Solutions

Eliminate the need and cost associated with expensive replacement work, leveraging Vortex innovative solutions.

We work on a variety of automatic doors across multiple applications, including:

Single Doors

Surface Mount

Concealed Overhead Swinging

In Ground Swinging

Double Doors

Surface Mount

Concealed Overhead

In Ground

Duel Egress

Surface Mount

Ensure your automatic swing door operators are ADA compliant with our expertise in multiple interface options, such as:

  • Motion Sensor. Microwave, infrared, or photocell beams detect people or moving objects approaching the door and trigger the operator.
  • Wall Switch. A button placed near the door, connected to the motor and electric strike, that, when pressed, activates the door.
  • Card Reader. Used to control access to secure areas, card readers confirm a user’s credentials before opening the door. Electric strike integration keeps the door locked until activated by authorized visitors and personnel.

For all interface types, once the door activation signal has been sent, the motor extends the arm, swinging the door outward, smoothly and silently. The door closer retracts the door after a short time, for a fully touchless experience.

Low energy doors can also be operated manually from the push side without damaging the operator or other hardware, both for convenience and to allow for rapid exit in case of a fire alarm or other emergency. In the event of a power loss, owners can add an independent power supply, which allows automatic doors to continue working even when electricity has been lost in the rest of the building.

Fully Certified & Accredited Commercial Door Experts

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Excellent Service
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We had a troublesome door, very heavy and loud when closing. Chris added a shock arm and the door now closes quietly and firm. Great customer service! Very friendly and efficient. Highly recommended Chris and their service.
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Wonderful customer service! Job was completed same day and the techs were very friendly!
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Great experience replacing the doors on my business. Lucas delivered everything as promised, and Gio and Skyler were excellent with the installation: quick, clean and professional. High marks all around!
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Responded quick and fixed the door in no time!
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Great detail and customer service
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Good work Jason.
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Calvin did a great job at our facility! Quick to complete the work and explained what was done?
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VORTEX has been servicing my business doors (BIRITE QUALITY PHARMACY, LA HABRA) for many years. Great job. However the technician DANIEL who came 2 days ago, was out standing. Very polite & professional. I thought it was door-jam but he looked at everything like Sherlock and told me it was a piece of plastic. Very honest and professional. VORTEX techs always come on time. Great job DANIEL and thanks for it

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