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Automatic Telescoping Doors

automatic telescoping exit doors

Automatic Telescoping Doors are used when you need a clear wide opening, but do not have the side room to install a full sliding automatic door system.

automatic telescoping exit doors

These are designed with a series of small panels to slide and stack in the opening to provide the wide clearance you need. In addition, one of the biggest benefits of automatic doors is energy savings. Since these doors only open when someone comes in or out of your building, it prevents the loss of energy when a door may otherwise be left open for a long time.

Vortex will only dispatch highly trained AAADM Certified inspector/technicians to inspect, repair, service or replace automatic doors. This ensures we provide the most efficient and safest door repair for your business. All repairs will be performed under the ANSI 156.10 Safety Standards so you can be confident the doors are up to the most current standards. If they are deficient, we will let you know what needs to be done to provide a system to meet ANSI 156.10 Standards.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Doug S.
Thoroughly go over all aspects of doors and safety's
Alyssa R.
Greg was professional, efficient and did a great job!!
Mirri A.
Technician came promptly and was friendly, thorough and efficient.
These guys are Johnny on the spot. Everytime I call my Devon he always tells me he will be there in 20 minutes.
Curtis M.
They prompt an did a great job. Greg was the tech that wotked on our door. He was friendly and knowledgeable
Whitney T.
Steve and Chris did an Amazing repair!!
Monchis R.
Good guys are very good team Wyatt and Aj
Amber J.
Vortex Doors Rock! Steve was professional, knowledgeable and friendly. Came out next day and was here when promised.
Foster C.
Excellent work. Door nearly looks brand new. Great service and their customer service was quick as well.

Perfect service, incredibly fast.

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