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Vortex specializes in commercial door service, repair and replacement, as well as access control systems, such as barrier arms.

Barrier arms are one of the most adaptable security devices on the market. Available in a variety of sizes and configurations, they can be custom fit to almost any location.

  • Standard Barrier Arms. The most commonly installed barrier arm. Built to manage heavy traffic, they consist of a single pole up to 15 feet long.
  • Wishbone Barrier Arms. Designed to control wide traffic lanes at industrial and manufacturing sites, these arms are up to 30 feet long, made up of two poles installed on either side of the supporting post, for added stability.  I”m not sure what this is?
  • Articulating Barrier Arms. Built for spaces with low ceilings or overhead obstacles, such as power lines, that could prevent a rigid arm from raising to its full height. Articulating arms have a hinge that allows them to fold in on themselves as they’re raised, reducing their height by up to half.
  • Automatic Barrier Arms. Raise automatically after being activated by a keypad, card reader, proximity sensor, or smartphone app.
Service and Repair

Barrier arms can experience mechanical and electrical issues and often are damaged by vehicles. Vortex technicians are trained to service, repair, and replace all critical parts, in order to minimize downtime. We know these units are critical to the security of your building and property, which is why our teams are ready to respond quickly to any and all issues, including:

  • Worn or Broken Parts. Though barrier arms are designed to function for years, problems can arise over time due to repeated use. Vortex service technicians inspect gears, belts, and bearings to identify problems before breaks occur.
  • Sensor Malfunction. Damaged sensors prevent barriers from opening to admit authorized users or cause them to close unexpectedly, possibly harming vehicles. Accumulated dirt and debris can also interfere with sensors, preventing them from reading signals or detecting vehicles.
  • Faulty Control System. Barrier arms are operated by an electric control board. Incorrect programming, bad software, or damage from a rainstorm or power surge can cause them to open inconsistently or incorrectly.
  • Corrosion. Unless properly sealed, rain, snow, and ice can deteriorate bolts, hinges, and other metal components, preventing the arm from opening and closing smoothly.
  • Communication Issues. Poor wiring can prevent the control board from signaling the motor, leading to access problems. If the unit is part of a larger access control system, problems within the network can lead to operational difficulties.
Vortex not only repairs barrier arms, we also help extend their lifespan and lower the cost of ownership through our preventative maintenance programs. We can even upgrade your existing equipment to improve its reliability and performance.

Fully Certified & Accredited Commercial Door Experts

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Chris B.
We have always called Vortex on all of our door needs. Dylan and Marcus were our technicians today. Not only did they find a unique part for an older door they provided quick and friendly service at a fair price.
Jen W.
Donald was excellent! Friendly and knowledgeable. He was able to find the cause of our issue and fixed it quickly.
William R.
Seth and jeremy did a great job, very professional, would love to have em out again
Trina R.
I called for an emergency appointment and the techs arrived within 20 mins. Justin and AJ were very efficient and worked to resolve the issue.
Tom K.
Jake was great, does excellent work. Will be glad to have Vortex take care of our next door problem.
Sean S.
Greg has super helpful! Great experience
Cecilia F.
John was a good technician! Highly recommended.
Hector E.
Had a great experience with Vortex doors. We recently had an issue with a roll up door not functioning properly. Vortex doors sent a Technician named Jaime. Jaime was professional, knowledgeable, and patient. Jaime repaired our door in a timely manner and took the time to walks us through the issues and what repairs were made.
9052 Storquest T.
Austin and Chase repaired our loops for our gate today. Very professional and efficient. I would recommend this guys always!

Perfect service, incredibly fast.

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