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Electromagnetic Locks

Vortex specializes in commercial door service, repair and replacement, including electromagnetic locks.

Electromagnetic locks create safe and secure entryways. Tougher than conventional locks and impossible to pick, they are one of the strongest access control devices on the market. Whether installed as stand-alone units or integrated into a larger security system, they stop intruders without impeding traffic or inconveniencing staff.

Electromagnetic locks are a common feature in commercial buildings, such as hotels, offices, hospitals, retail centers, and manufacturing facilities. They’re compatible with glass doors, single doors, double doors, sliding doors, hollow metal doors, and gates. Besides their versatility, magnetic locks provide several other key benefits, including:

  • Enhanced Security. Electromagnetic locks can generate up to 3,000 pounds of force, making them nearly impossible to open without proper credentials. Built from high-quality materials, they are resistant to both direct impact and extreme weather, so you can rely on them even in the most difficult circumstances.
  • Ease of Use. Despite their strength, electromagnetic locks are no obstacle to authorized individuals. They’re a flexible access solution that can be integrated into your existing access control system with little cost or effort. Controlled by a key card, fob, or code, they provide convenient entry and maximum security in every area where they’re installed.
  • Greater Control. Installing electromagnetic locks allows you to manage access from a single database. Authorization can be granted or removed instantly. Schedules can be created for holidays or special hours. Entry can be tracked, creating a full record of everyone moving through your business. They can also be programmed and monitored remotely for 24/7 oversight.
  • Better Safety. Magnetic locks are failsafe devices. Once the power is cut, the door opens automatically ensuring that your staff can evacuate safely in an emergency.
Service and Repair

Vortex technicians are trained to service and repair common issues affecting magnetic locks. Our expertise helps maintain the highest level of security in your building. Contact us for help with:

  • Power Supply Issues. Magnetic locks cannot function without a reliable power supply. If the door won’t lock, our technicians will make sure it’s receiving sufficient power and that its internal components haven’t been damaged.
  • Wiring Problems. Frayed wires and loose connections can disrupt the flow of electricity into the lock. Poor insulation can also lead to short circuits. Proper cable management is key to preventing these issues.
  • Misalignment. If the magnet isn’t properly aligned with the armature plate, it won’t engage or disengage as intended, making it impossible to lock or unlock the door.
  • Electromagnetic Interference. Electronic devices installed near your door can interfere with its operation. Our service teams can detect these types of signals, so you can disable them. If not, we can block them out with upgraded shielding.
  • Coil Issues. If the coil fails, the magnet won’t be able to generate sufficient force to hold the door closed. Regular maintenance allows us to identify problems with core components, such as these.
  • Access Problems. Integrating your locks into your security system provides greater oversight and control. However, communication problems can prevent people from activating the lock. Our experience helps unravel these issues, allowing signals to travel quickly between your database and locking devices.
  • Locking Mechanism Failures. Like all mechanical components, locks have moving parts that wear out with repeated use and need to be replaced periodically.
Vortex teams react quickly to problems, in order to ensure secure areas remain protected at all times. Besides repairing and replacing damaged systems, we upgrade locking equipment in order to provide better security and perimeter control.

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David and Miguel were very helpful and completed job in a timely for us to continue business.
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Jr. Was efficient and pleasant. Can wait to have this team back for another installment.
Gabe A.
Trey and jon were very nice. They fixed our roll up door in freezing weather, and now our products won't freeze over.
Seth C.
Vortex doors has been a long time client satisfying all our door and lock needs. Technicians were very professional and clean and ensure we were satisfied with everything before leaving the site. Thank you Vortex for your superior level of customer service.
Chrystal E.
They came in and fixed all of our dock plates and doors, everything works beautifully.Thank you; Hector and Mario
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Very professional and friendly. Jon and Carlos came out the same day for some repairs at my facility. Will definitely be using their services in the future.
Tasha I.
Tyler ,Ernie and Anthony did an outstanding job on my business windows. Highly recommend
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Chris Ekberg was at my community today and provided the best customer service! I highly recommend him! Vortex Doors is very lucky to have an employee that cares not only about the company he works for but also his customers! Thanks Chris!
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Vortex is a great company to work with, will continue doing business

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