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"Wanted to let you know that David Hibbert did a good job on our property today. He was prompt and efficient, which is always appreciated.  Send him our way anytime, he is always welcome."

- Storage Facility. Scottsdale, AZ (March 2018)

"I cannot say enough good things about Kevin, he is wonderful with kids, he was patient, and just all around amazing. We put a lot on him and he was easy going". He went above and beyond to accomdate our Customer and fix the door safely.

- International School. Portland, OR (August 2017)

"Hands down my favorite company to work with! Extremely fast and eager to help solve any and all of our problems! The level of service & response time are unbeatable.  I would highly recommend them to anyone!

-Facility Manager for Culinary School. Salt Lake City, UT (October 2015)

"The level of service we received today would be hard to beat".
– Branch Manager of major Bank Chain. Chino, CA

"The Service Tech turned our experience from good to excellent. Great Customer Service and attention to detail."
– Auto Body and Paint Shop. Salt Lake City, UT

"I wish all of my vendors would be like Vortex. You are my standard."
– Studio Manager, Colorado Springs, CO

"The two gentlemen that came out were quick, efficient, courteous and polite. Excellent Customer Service."
– Utility Company, California

"Our dental practice was burglarized. The most wonderful man was at the office within an hour. The police officer was still with us when the tech called to tell us he was on the way. I told the officer to keep that contact name in his phone for future situations. His exact comment was "You can count it – I have never seen that quick of a turnaround before". The technician was "empathetic, quick, efficient, and professional". "Vortex is doing something right".
– Dental Office, Dallas, TX

"The technician was very knowledgeable, attentive to our needs, and completed the work fast and made it look easy. The quality of work was stellar."
- Laboratory Company, Santa Clara, CA

"I wanted to tell you what an amazing job the guy did. He had to do quite a bit because the base plate was bent and the door was sagging as well so everything had to come apart. He noticed that the window at the top of the door was sinking (leaving air space) so he put a seal in and moved it into place. He explained to me that the actual top of the door has moved out of place. He put an extra seal at the top of the door to make sure it was a good fit with no air there either. All this to say Vortex does a great job."
– Major Coffee Chain, Bothell, WA

"We just had some service done on our front door and have a few problems that I would like to discuss with you about our technician Brandon.

1. He called to let us know that he was on his way!
2. He explained what was wrong with the door and what had happened!
3. He temporarily fixed the door so that it was able to lock while the replacement parts came in!
4. He came back in a timely fashion and fixed the door completely!
5. He wiped down the door, including the glass!
6. He then explained the paperwork and made me sign!
7. He was too damn nice!

Come on, who does this anymore?!

This has got to stop!

All in all, I think you get my point about Brandon and what we think about Vortex Doors.

We are very appreciative and will definitely use and refer you guys in the future.

Thank you,"
- Power Systems Company, North Salt Lake, UT