The holidays are the busiest time of year for many businesses. As a result of increased activity and cold weather, commercial doors suffer a lot of wear and tear. In extreme cases, it can even lead to malfunction or irreparable damage. However, a few simple maintenance tips will help you avoid these problems and keep your doors in excellent shape throughout the holidays.

Lubricate Hinges

Dry, rusty hinges make it impossible for doors to open smoothly. Regularly applying petroleum jelly or penetrating oil (e.g. WD-40) will ensure they’re properly lubricated and protected from rust. To apply, simply spray onto the hinge and then wipe away the excess. Outdoor hinges are at much greater risk from winter moisture and should be inspected every six months for rust and dirt.

Clean Locks

Locks exposed to the elements can quickly become clogged with dust and grime. To prevent this, wipe them down with soap and water to clear away the grime. Next, lubricate the tumblers by spraying a little WD-40 into the key slot. Then coat the key with it as well and then repeatedly slide it in and out to remove any buildup inside the lock.

Check the Hardware

Commercial doors are subject to a lot of heavy use. They are not only opened and closed more than residential doors, they’re also subjected to frequent impacts, such as slamming and banging. Over time, this can seriously loosen the door’s hardware (latches, strike, tracks, hinges, chain opener, etc.). Go over the hardware to make sure everything is securely attached. Most loose equipment can be tightened with an ordinary screwdriver. 

Inspect the Weatherstripping

Cracked, loose, and bent weatherstripping leaves you vulnerable to cold, dirt, and pests. Weatherstripping can wear out rapidly, especially in harsh climates with extreme temperatures and moisture. Check to make sure your weatherstripping is still securely fastened and completely fills the gap between the door and the ground. If it doesn’t, it will have to be replaced.

Look for Rust

Rust occurs whenever metal is exposed to moisture and oxygen. If not treated, it will fatally compromise the integrity of your door and is usually the reason commercial doors have to be replaced. Any door exposed to the elements should be checked regularly. If you find any rust spots, you’ll need to act quickly before they spread. 

  1. Scrape the rust away. Loose rust particles can be removed with a dry cloth. However, you’ll need a sander or wire brush to get rid of it entirely.
  2. Apply a Primer. Rust primers create a waterproof seal that protects your door from moisture.
  3. Repaint. Painting your door shields the primer and prevents water from reaching the door’s surface.

Wash with Soap & Water

To keep them looking new, commercial doors should be washed at least twice a year, in order to prevent dirt and grime from damaging the finish. If your business is located near the coast or somewhere with airborne debris, your doors are at a greater risk of corrosion and probably need to be washed once a quarter instead.

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