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Experience Is Critical With Commercial Door Repairs and Service

Commercial door repairs and service demand the expertise of a professional company with many years of experience. Commercial doors such as roll-up and high-speed doors need special care and attention.

A commercial door repair and service firm is specially equipped to handle the unique characteristics of the wide variety of commercial doors. For example, a high quality commercial door repair service has:

–Trucks outfitted for commercial doors repairs and service. These trucks have reliable equipment, tough vises, rugged welders and a complete inventory of the most common replacement parts needed on the job.

–Experienced service team. Commercial doors are not like regular doors. It takes the training, tools and techniques of an experienced team to know the best and safest way to tackle commercial door repairs and service. A trained technician ends up saving money in the long run because they are able to spot potential difficulties with a door before it becomes a reality.

–Single technician. Look for a service that can handle 80-90 percent of calls with a single technician. This saves money on the repair itself and cuts down travel expense.

–Maintenance and service plans. A good way to avoid future problems with a commercial door is with a comprehensive door service and maintenance plan. Only professional commercial door service firms can offer the right plans to protect companies and small businesses.

–Manufacturer parts. High quality parts are critical to maintain the safety and smooth operation of large commercial doors. Many employees and clients may use a commercial door every day. It is paramount that reliable parts are utilized for repairs and maintenance.

–24-Hour Service. Commercial doors are in operation at all hours of the day and night. Some companies never close. They handle shipments of goods and equipment around the clock. Count on professional door repair companies that are available to make a call every hour of every day.

Wide Variety of Doors

Knowledge and expertise about the wide variety of commercial doors on the market takes years to gain. A quality commercial door service company can handle:

Roll-up doors including counter shutters and fire doors.

Overhead doors including vertical lifts and hangar models.

Hollow metal and wood doors including corrosion resistant doors and frames.

Glass and aluminum doors.

Gates and grilles including scissor gates and accordion grilles.

–Specialty doors including air curtains and high-speed doors.

Safety and Security

Commercial doors are unique challenges. When they are not working properly, the safety, security and well-being of employees and customers is compromised.

The main ingredient when hiring a commercial doors repair and service company is trust. Clients must trust that the repair firm can handle large commercial doors whether they are in a business, school, hospital, or mall. In addition, a good service business will take the extra step to evaluate doors to detect anything small that could turn into a major problem down the road. Be sure the company is properly insured and licensed to work on specialty items and various doors.  This will insure you are protected and have hired the most qualified company in the area.

Commercial doors are the unsung workhorses of the industrial world. They are called on to work perfectly every time. Professional maintenance and repair will ensure commercial doors are ready to perform on the job.

Image SourceO’Brien Installations Limited