Proper interior doors provide a simple function, but when they are not installed correctly or do not operate in the best manner, they become a safety hazard. Any building owner – whether commercial or residential – must take specific care to realize when there are risks associated with these doors. Once it is understood what those risks are, taking steps to fix the underlying problem is essential.

There are several common types of safety hazards associated with interior doors to monitor on a routine basis.

Crushing Hazard

Any motorized door has a risk of creating a crushing hazard. Motorized doors that do not operate properly in a commercial building are commonly associated with crushing when sensors do not perform the way they should. Maintain proper function of the door by ensuring sensors operate correctly to avoid this risk.

Pinching Fingers

Another common sensor problem occurs with the pinching of fingers. An individual reaching to open the door, or not monitoring their hand movements, can often create this type of risk. This pinching hazard can, in some cases, lead to the loss of fingertips or other significant injuries.

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