Annual spring cleaning typically took place because homes were closed up and covered in soot and grime from heating the interior all winter. Much like soot, dust and debris collects on commercial doors and equipment during the winter season as well. In today’s environment and guidelines,  smart businesses will add cleaning their commercial doors and hardware to their honey-do lists. Here are ways you can take part in spring cleaning:

Remove Dust & Debris

Spring Cleaning Promotes Healthy Commercial Door Hardware Spring Cleaning Promotes Healthy Commercial Door Hardware

Rust, dust and debris build up is a sure fire way to promote corrosion and machine malfunctions. This spring, unclog tracks and  locking holes, clean out dock leveler pits and remove any standing water. 

Polish Glass Surfaces

Spring Cleaning Promotes Healthy Commercial Door Hardware

Let your business shine and be sure to clean glass surfaces after a long winter. Much like in the home, you’ll want to use a glass cleaner and glass-safe cloth to polish those surfaces properly. Replace any worn signage to give your storefront a fresh look for the Spring.

Go Touchless

Another route is to install touchless door hardware that keeps your surfaces clean of bacteria and viruses such as COVID-19. We put together an entire post on the types of touchless entry hardware and how to go hands-free here

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