Vortex Training CenterAt Vortex, all technicians are trained at the new high-tech training center which focuses on staff safety, enhanced mechanical knowledge and the installation of a variety of door and window types. No other company has anything like the doors training center, which also covers specialized techniques, the use of professional tools and the provision of top-notch customer service. The purpose of the training center is to provide customers with the most highly skilled, knowledgeable and friendly customer service team.

What Is Included in the Training?

At the training center, technicians participate in a minimum of 40 hours of hands-on training that includes experience with all types of doors. The technicians also receive training on dock levelers, welding, use of torches, safety and personal protective gear. Last, but certainly not least, each technician gains one-on-one experience on providing personalized, on-time, efficient and attentive customer service the Vortex way.

How Does the Training Center Work?

Each newly hired technician and a select team of on-staff technicians spends five days at the doors training center. During each 8-hour day, the technicians participate in a rigorous training program that includes knowledge, skills and safety. The work takes place in group and one-on-one settings as needed. The phenomenal success of the technicians who complete the training program enables them to have a long and safe career at Vortex.

What Is Unique About the Training Center?

Vortex received AAADM Training and Certification authorization for technician training beginning in 2013. Our one-on-one hands-on training on automatic doors allows the technicians to become AAADM certified, which helps them to advance in their careers and to be able to deliver the best possible level of customer service.

To learn more about our state-of-the-art training center or about Vortex Door’s service, contact Vortex Doors or give us a call at 800-698-6783. And Vortex Doors is now in Orem, Utah so they can bring the same great service and expertise to commercial businesses in Utah County.