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Optional Hardware and Accessories

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Optional hardware and accessories are available for your roll-up door to fit your needs.

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Door Options May Include:

  • Motor operators with button or key stations
  • Hand Crank assemblies
  • Perforated slats for ventilation or insect control
  • Full weather stripping on bottom and on guides
  • Access Control interface with card readers and key jobs
  • Wind locks to keep door more secure in the guides in high wind areas
  • Safety devices including pneumatic safety edges, photo eyes, or electric safety edges
  • Rodent proofing to help seal doors from outside pests
  • Pass Door or Wicket Door to allow access in/out of the building without opening the entire roll-up door
  • Air curtains to allow the door to remain open but deter insects from coming inside
  • High Cycle Barrel Assembly and Springs available for doors used multiple times a day
  • Electric Interlock Systems for Motor Operators
  • Slide Bolt Locks available in aluminum or steel for added security
  • Guide Guards to protect from forklift or cart impact
  • Clearance Avoidance Alarm
  • Security Barriers
Chain Hardware

Call (714) 224-0306 or email for more information on custom door options and hardware to find your needs.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Taylor M.
Fantastic service, got us in quick when our doors weren't closing. Doors work great now after a speedy and professional service call.
Bianca A.
Vortex is awesome! Came out and fixed the rolling door on our delivery vehicle in no time! Wyatt B & Cooper B are seriously the dynamic duo! answered all my questions and helped with everything I need!
Fabian L.
Anthony and Daniel came out fixed our shop door
Diana B.
Joey is AMAZING! Absolutely gave us great service! Fixed our door and told me what needs to be done to make sure everything will continue to work properly! Thank you, Joey and Vortex! P.S. Please send Joey to do my next repair (I approved the part order before he left).
Carlos-Angelo R.
Jeff Johnson and Jesus collazo are great technicians, we appreciate them fixing our problems.
Alijah C.
Carlos and Raul did an excellent job and the service was quickly completed.
Huwaldo B.
Greg serviced our door and everything turned out great. thank you
Andrew G.
Awesomeness. Perfect service. Velasquez was excellent
Peter B.
Tech Valasquez took care of some warranty work. Professional and quick.

Perfect service, incredibly fast.

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