Hydraulic & Manual Dock Levelers


Hydraulic and Manual Dock Levelers are usually recessed into the dock in a concrete pit. The average platform size is 6x 6 and can accommodate forklifts and cargo up to 35,000 pounds. In general, Pit Mount Dock Levelers are safer, have a higher capacity and can handle a wider range of truck platform heights.

Manual Levelers utilize a pull chain and are spring loaded. When the chain is pulled it pops-up. When the truck is in the bay, the platform is easily walked down allowing a forklift or a pallet jack to drive onto the truck.

Hydraulic Models are similar in function but are more controllable at different levels. These are operated by a push button station and generally have a higher weight capacity.

As part of our standard maintenance service on Dock Levelers, our Technicians will clean the debris from the pit to insure there are no obstructions for the leveler to operate. This insures your establishment stays clean and up to code.