Optional Hardware and Accessories

Optional hardware and accessories are available for your roll-up door to fit your needs.

Door Options May Include:
  • Motor operators with button or key stations
  • Hand Crank assemblies
  • Perforated slats for ventilation or insect control
  • Full weather stripping on bottom and on guides
  • Access Control interface with card readers and key jobs
  • Wind locks to keep door more secure in the guides in high wind areas
  • Safety devices including pneumatic safety edges, photo eyes, or electric safety edges
  • Rodent proofing to help seal doors from outside pests
  • Pass Door or Wicket Door to allow access in/out of the building without opening the entire roll-up door
  • Air curtains to allow the door to remain open but deter insects from coming inside
  • High Cycle Barrel Assembly and Springs available for doors used multiple times a day
  • Electric Interlock Systems for Motor Operators
  • Slide Bolt Locks available in aluminum or steel for added security
  • Guide Guards to protect from forklift or cart impact
  • Clearance Avoidance Alarm
  • Security Barriers
Call (800) 698-6783 or email for more information on custom door options and hardware to find your needs.