Bi-Folding Doors

Vortex offers bi-folding door repair, replacement and new installation solutions in applicable openings. These are openings that require horizontal bi-parting doors but have limited side clearance on either side.

Instead of panels sliding to the right or left, each panel collapses in its center and projects toward the inside or outside of the opening.

Bi-Fold Doors have two sections that provide many design options. They lift up out of the opening to provide more space in front of the door and on the side. Bi-folding doors require very little side room or head room for installation. They do not require building or structural modifications in most cases and are great for retrofits.

  • Mill Finished Aluminum
  • Structural steel construction
  • Choices of exterior design and color
  • Insulated Bi-Folding Panels
  • Electric motor operators
  • Cable or nylon strap drive
  • Bi-fold canopy provides sun and weather protection and creates a workspace outside
  • Remote Controls available to operate from the aircraft
  • Lower in cost
  • Quick installation and lead times