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Santa Clara CA

As a business owner or manager, it is important your property is well maintained at all times. This includes all of your doors and door hardware.

Santa Clara CA

Doors are often used multiple times a day by Customers and Employees and maintaining safety and security is critical.

It is important you choose the right door company with extensive training and experience to provide high quality repairs to ensure a safe and efficient performance.

Business owners often don’t think about doors and dock levelers until they break and operations can be quickly impacted. It’s important to partner with a fast responding, reputable, and highly experienced door service provider.

Commercial and Industrial Doors

Vortex Doors offers an extensive range of commercial and industrial doors for manufacturing facilities, distribution centers, property managers, and various companies requiring facility maintenance services.

Commercial Overhead Doors in the Santa Clara, CA

Commercial overhead doors come in different styles and made from a variety of different materials. The most popular materials used are steel, aluminum, glass and polyethylene vinyl. In addition to different styles and materials, Vortex Doors can create custom overhead doors to meet your specific business needs.

We can install and service a wide variety of commercial doors for businesses in Santa Clara, CA including:

Entrance & Swinging Doors

In addition to overhead style commercial doors, Vortex Doors installs and services entrance & swinging doors for a variety of different businesses in Santa Clara, CA, including:

Our Commercial Door Installation and Repair Services

Vortex Doors offers installation, repair, maintenance and emergency services for all your commercial and industrial doors in Santa Clara, CA. We provide service 7 am – 10 pm every day of the week.

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Installation Services

We can install a variety of commercial doors for your business, from warehouse doors, pedestrian doors, loading docks and more. Our experienced team of technicians are available for all types of door installations.

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Repair Services

From minor repairs to full replacement of your existing door, Vortex Doors has the experience to make sure we find a solution to fit your needs and budget. Our Santa Clara, CA location is available 7 am – 10pm, Monday through Sunday.

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Fully Equipped & Certified

Each of our fully loaded trucks are equipped with a generator, welder, safety cones, fire extinguisher, first aid kits and common parts to ensure our highly trained and certified technicians are ready to go. We provide one of the most experienced teams of technicians in Santa Clara, CA. Vortex Doors will always provide high quality repairs and excellent customer service.

Why Choose Vortex Doors?

Established in 1937, Vortex Doors has a rich history of specializing in all types of commercial and industrial door repairs and installations.

We take great pride in providing the best possible solution for your business and always ensure the safety of your customers, your staff and the general public. Our company-wide commitment to safety involves being an active member of various Safety Compliance organizations as well as having regularly held mandatory meetings that cover current safety precautions.

We make your experience working with Vortex Doors as easy as possible. Our door technicians provide high quality craftsmanship thanks to the extensive training provided at our State-of-the-Art training center. Each door technician in Santa Clara, CA as well as all our other locations are trained, certified and experienced with all types of doors and door products including dock levelers. This extensive and hands on training allows us to provide the best practices in the industry to efficiently take care of your door needs.

Our extensive Quality Assurance Checklist is done on every door we work on to ensure safety, security and proper operation of all moving parts. We take a proactive approach to help identify any deficiencies to help prevent the door from malfunctioning which can cause more serious repairs and costs.

Our Specialties

Emergency Service available for all services!

Emergency Board Ups and Glass Replacement available

All types of Security Gates and Access Control systems

Services include repairs and service to Loading Docks and Dock Levelers

AAADM Certified Technicians

Technicians trained on all types of doors and equipment at our Vortex Training Center

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Santa Clara Service Area

Vortex Doors is located at 1353 Oakland Rd, San Jose, CA 95112 on the border of Santa Clara, approximately 4.3 miles NorthEast of Mission Santa Clara de Asis and approximately 6.6 miles SouthEast of Levi’s Stadium.

Considered part of Silicon Valley, the city of Santa Clara is the county seat of Santa Clara County and boasts an estimated over 2 million living within the metropolitan area. The city was founded in 1777 by Spanish soldier Don Pedro Fages who named it after Saint Clare of Assisi because it was her feast day when he reached the region.

Because of its rich history, the city is home to a wide range of landmarks, including the Mission Santa Clara de Asis, which was founded in 1777 and is still standing on its original location.

Santa Clara is also home to Levi’s Stadium, a unique outdoor venue where the San Francisco 49ers play football games. If you’re a football fan living nearby this is a must-visit to see the 49ers in action!

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What Our Customers Are Saying

3848=Trevor R. ★★★★★ Abraham was very professional and fixed our badly broken door without needing anything. On top of that he was very quick.Crazy H. ★★★★★ Of all the vendors I deal with on a weekly basis (20 or so) and all past vendors (100's), Karina Vargas with vortex has been in my top 2-3 as being the most helpful, responsive, personable, and avaliable. Karina truly cares about our issues and is great at providing superior service. Karina has set the bar very high for all other vendors compete with. Vortex is a great company and partner for our location. Great job!BEAST ★★★★★ Miguel did a great job on our door. he was very informative and made sure all the parts were new and functioning properly.AASHWIJ HEBRI P. ★★★★★ Jacob from Vortex doors was super quick and knowledgeable - would definitely recommend !Brandon D. ★★★★★ Amazing service! The parts came in early and the employees kept us up to date ever step of the way. Miguel and Daniel I believe were my service techs and they made sure we had everything we needed.steve ★★★★★ I liked the service. Miguel was very professional and did a great job. The door works better now than it did before it was broken. He did everything I wanted the make the door work smooth and easy.StevenJames F. ★★★★★ We were in urgent need of a dock lift repair and called several other companies that were unable to help. Daniel and Zack showed up same day, ordered a forklift and completed a complicated repair same day. Amazing service.Adrianna C. ★★★★★ Abraham chap IV was amazing and did a great job fixing our door. So kind friendly and efficient.Daniel C. ★★★★★ The crew over at Vortex is nothing short of amazing. When I say crew, that would include, from the time I call in, to the tech's that come and make the repair. Always professional, courteous and easy to talk with. Thanks Vortex for your dedication to your customers!!js_loader
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Perfect service, incredibly fast.

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