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As a business owner or manager, it is important your property is well maintained at all times. This includes all of your doors and door hardware.

Doors are often used multiple times a day by Customers and Employees and maintaining safety and security is critical.

It is important you choose the right door company with extensive training and experience to provide high quality repairs to ensure a safe and efficient performance.

Business owners often don’t think about doors and dock levelers until they break and operations can be quickly impacted. It’s important to partner with a fast responding, reputable, and highly experienced door service provider.

Commercial and Industrial Doors

Vortex Doors offers an extensive range of commercial and industrial doors for manufacturing facilities, distribution centers, property managers, and various companies requiring facility maintenance services.

Commercial Overhead Doors in the

Commercial overhead doors come in different styles and made from a variety of different materials. The most popular materials used are steel, aluminum, glass and polyethylene vinyl. In addition to different styles and materials, Vortex Doors can create custom overhead doors to meet your specific business needs.

We can install and service a wide variety of commercial doors for businesses in including:

Entrance & Swinging Doors

In addition to overhead style commercial doors, Vortex Doors installs and services entrance & swinging doors for a variety of different businesses in , including:

Our Commercial Door Installation and Repair Services

Vortex Doors offers installation, repair, maintenance and emergency services for all your commercial and industrial doors in Nashville, TN ( Coming Soon ). We provide service 7 am – 10 pm every day of the week.

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Installation Services

We can install a variety of commercial doors for your business, from warehouse doors, pedestrian doors, loading docks and more. Our experienced team of technicians are available for all types of door installations.

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Repair Services

From minor repairs to full replacement of your existing door, Vortex Doors has the experience to make sure we find a solution to fit your needs and budget. Our Nashville, TN ( Coming Soon ) location is available 7 am – 10pm, Monday through Sunday.

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Fully Equipped & Certified

Each of our fully loaded trucks are equipped with a generator, welder, safety cones, fire extinguisher, first aid kits and common parts to ensure our highly trained and certified technicians are ready to go. We provide one of the most experienced teams of technicians in Nashville, TN ( Coming Soon ). Vortex Doors will always provide high quality repairs and excellent customer service.

Why Choose Vortex Doors?

Established in 1937, Vortex Doors has a rich history of specializing in all types of commercial and industrial door repairs and installations.

We take great pride in providing the best possible solution for your business and always ensure the safety of your customers, your staff and the general public. Our company-wide commitment to safety involves being an active member of various Safety Compliance organizations as well as having regularly held mandatory meetings that cover current safety precautions.

We make your experience working with Vortex Doors as easy as possible. Our door technicians provide high quality craftsmanship thanks to the extensive training provided at our State-of-the-Art training center. Each door technician in Nashville, TN ( Coming Soon ) as well as all our other locations are trained, certified and experienced with all types of doors and door products including dock levelers. This extensive and hands on training allows us to provide the best practices in the industry to efficiently take care of your door needs.

Our extensive Quality Assurance Checklist is done on every door we work on to ensure safety, security and proper operation of all moving parts. We take a proactive approach to help identify any deficiencies to help prevent the door from malfunctioning which can cause more serious repairs and costs.

Our Specialties

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What Our Customers Are Saying

M J ★★★★☆ Had some issues. After speaking with their General manager, he assured me that it would be resolved.Mark D. ★★★★★ Donald and Garrett were professional, efficient, and knowledgeable. Great job!Jasmine F. ★★★★★ Jose was quick, efficient and friendly!!! Great job!!!Shelby S. ★★★★★ Aj was Super professional..it took him about 30 minutes and he got the job done!! We are extremely appreciative! Thank youAutumn S. ★★★★★ breat s did great work here best guy around super talkative and very kind would love to see him come againGreg P. ★★★★★ Overhead doors have been a nightmare the past 3-4 years. Had a 12' X 14' one damaged by high wind. The only (or perhaps first) company who could get it replaced the next day turned out to be a firefighters part time business. Installation was less than perfect and actuator acted up frequently, the tracks were not straight and so on. About three months ago something happened to a cable causing the door to fall on one side, stuck about two feet from closing. Called the same phone number and got "garage doors" as the answer. Didn't think much about that and someone did show up late in the day. Unfortunately anything bigger than a single residential door scared him and he only assisted me in cutting the cables allowing the door to drop and close. $400 for after hours show up! Next day they sent their commercial door expert. He worked on it most of the day including a 2-3 hour trip to get parts because he did not have appropriate size parts on his truck (if any parts at all). He spent several hours charged $1800 before leaving and it sorta worked OK until last night when the actuator would not work to close it. I put a call into Vortex Doors for a call back this morning which came promptly. The seemingly knowledgeable young lady told me they had quite a few emergency calls and would probably not be able to get out until next week which was OK with me. A little after 3:30 I get a call saying they had a tech who could come and inspect to see what was wrong. Andy showed up a few minutes later (we are only about a mile away as it turned out). My instructions were I just wanted it to work reliably for a few years. We had a brief discussion pointing out things to each other and he got right to work making numerous adjustments and checking it out from stem to stern. In a little over two hours he had made changes, adjustments and likely completed and repaired the original installation, pointed out everything he did, left me with copies of his check sheets. I ask if he had a bill for me and was told the office would contact me...no credit card robbery on the spot! Andy was obviously more knowledgeable than anyone else who had touched the door. The service was professional, courteous, prompt and overall great. I will not make the mistake of calling anyone else in the future.Thanks Andy and thanks Vortex Doors!Mary Beth D. ★★★★★ Danny was fantastic, fast and efficient but most of kind and respectful.Peter F. ★★★★★ Aaron & estaban very professional Curtis thanks for the great serviceOmar F. ★★★★★ Victor and Spencer were awesome. They did a great jobjs_loader
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