Impact Doors & Strip Curtains

Impact Doors

Impact Doors are an economical solution when unimpeded traffic is necessary. Impact Doors are typically composite and can handle repeated cycles of impact from pallet jacks and forklifts. They customarily have "gravity" hinges that allow them to close without using springs, hydraulics or electrical devices, making them less costly to purchase and maintain.

They are double-acting so they can be driven through from either direction. Most are equipped with vision lights for safety, as well as guards and kick plates to protect the door and take the abuse at impact points. They can be sealed to conform to the requirements of the USDA, FDA, temperature, dust containment or any other barrier requirements.

Strip Curtain

Strip Curtains are widely used as an economical barrier against weather, insects, and dust. Some models provide UV and welding flash protection. They are typically a series of overlapping vertical strips of PVC material 8" to 12" wide. They are hung on a header bracket and are individually replaceable.

They are commonly used for refrigeration, freezer, clean rooms, and food processing areas. Adequate visibility through the strips is possible for safe traffic flow. Sizes are available from 2" to 200" wide and up to 30" high. Different thickness and colors are available for any application.