Roof Hatches & Floor Doors

Commercial Roof Hatches, Smoke Hatches and Floor Doors

Vortex services and supplies a full line of Roof Hatches, Access Doors and Floor Doors.

Many businesses must provide safe access to the roof and utility areas for service and maintenance people. Vortex services or replaces all types of units with specially designed retrofitted components.

Roof Hatches have other functions in addition to providing access to the roof area.

  • Roof Hatches can be equipped wtih a Polycarbonate dome to act as a skylight to provide natural light to the area below. This could be a significant energy savings.
  • Louvered vents in the curb of a roof hatch can provide ventilation.
  • Roof Hatches equipped with a fusible link make them a Smoke Hatch that will open in the event of a fire to allow smoke to escape a burning building

Floor Doors are used to access underground areas and can support the weight of a truck or several pedestrians. There are many custom designs available for Floor Doors. Vortex is able to repair all types of Floor Doors. We have the engineer to help fabricate obsolete parts to avoid costly replacement of Floor Doors.