Operable Partition Wall Installation & Repair

Operable partition walls allow you to manage space within your building, effortlessly dividing large, open rooms into smaller, multi-purpose areas. Partitions provide both flexibility and control. They can be extended or retracted in minutes to direct foot traffic, create privacy, control noise, and focus attention.


Whether you’re preparing for a meeting, conference, trade show, exhibition, lecture, or presentation, or simply need private office space, operable partition walls are an all-purpose solution. Get the most from any location by adjusting rooms to suit your needs and shape the experience of visitors and staff.


Operable partition walls run on tracks that enable quick and easy movement. Regardless of whether they’re manually operated or electrically powered, partitions can be assembled and stored quickly, with minimal effort.


Operable partition walls are fully customizable. Not only can they be configured according to your needs, but also your style. Partitions are available in wood, glass, and metal frames. Enter and exit panels enable speedy access to temporary rooms, while pivot panels let you move furniture and supplies in and out as necessary.

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