Soundproof Door Installation & Repair

Soundproof doors reduce noise pollution within your business. Standard, hollow core doors are often the thinnest barrier between rooms, a weak spot for sound transmission. Installing soundproof doors prevents sound waves from escaping the rooms where they’re generated while simultaneously insulating the rest of the building from ambient noise.


Soundproof doors are constructed from dense materials that absorb and repel sound waves. Generally, the heavier the door, the more effective it is at blocking noise. Several types of soundproof doors are available, some capable of reducing sound by up to 47 decibels.

If you’re curious about the strength of a door, check its STC (Sound Transmission Class) rating, which measures the acoustical performance of doors, walls, and windows. The higher the number, the more it dampens sound. Standard doors have an STC rating of 25. A solid, wood slab has an STC rating of 60.

But to be effective, soundproof doors require both a strong STC rating and solid weatherproofing. Without rubber seals around the edge, noise will leak in through gaps in the doorway.


Though recording studios obviously require soundproof doors, a wide range of businesses benefit from them, including:

  • Office Buildings
  • Hospitals
  • Factories
  • Theaters
  • Concert Halls
  • Convention Centers
  • Schools and Universities

Installing soundproof doors in your building not only reduces disturbances, it also enhances:

  • Security. Because soundproofing materials are so heavy, soundproof doors present stronger obstacles to intruders.
  • Privacy. Soundproofing reduces the risk of eavesdropping, a valuable feature for industries such as healthcare where confidential information is discussed regularly.
  • Health. Loud work environments can damage your hearing, especially over a long period of time.
  • Energy Efficiency. Soundproofing materials are good insulators. As a result, soundproof doors make it easier to control temperatures in your building.

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