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Vortex Service Truck in Orem, UTWhen you own a commercial business, it is important to keep the doors functioning properly. This is especially true if you have a dock or other specialty door that is an essential part of your business operations. At Vortex Doors, we understand the importance of maintaining and repairing doors in Orem, Utah. Mainly, we know that a pound of prevention is worth a pound of cure. In business terms, you save money when you have your commercial doors regularly maintained and repaired.

Keeping air conditioner and heating costs low

When you own a commercial business, you are often paying to heat or cool a large square foot area. According to the US Department of Energy, one of the ways that you can save money is by hiring a door maintenance company that will regularly check the seals on the doors. By doing this, you can ensure that you are not letting money escape through the cracks.

Keeping pests out

When the weather is cool, insects and animals will seek out your business for shelter. One of the ways they do this is through a poorly maintained door. If the door is not hanging correctly or if there are dents in the door or frame, these small creatures can find their way into your business. This can increase the costs of your overall budget by creating a need for pest control and the potential of damage to products.

Fire door maintenance

A fire door can easily get overlooked. Sadly, when it needs to be used, it may not be working correctly because no one was hired to regularly maintain or repair it. In addition to costing someone their life, a poorly working fire door can also increase the price of your commercial business property insurance.  Local Fire Departments recommend your fire doors be test once every year to insure they are working properly in the event of an emergency.

Health inspector high ratings

Does your business rely on refrigerated units? One of the main aspects relevant to keeping your health inspector ratings high is keeping the doors functioning properly. After all, you cannot maintain the correct temperatures inside of coolers if the doors are not functioning properly. While there may not be an immediate need to fix the door, having regular maintenance done will ensure that the cool air is not escaping while the door is closed. This will keep the temperatures at the exact number you need, and it will help to cut down on your utilities costs.

Start maintaining and repairing your commercial doors today

The above lists some of the reasons why it is important to have all your doors maintained regularly. It is easier, safer and more cost-effective to have your doors maintained. With over eight decades in the business, Vortex Doors is here to help the Orem, Utah community with their commercial door needs. We pride ourselves on friendly service, and we seek to fulfill orders the same day they are placed.

For more information on commercial door repair in Orem, UT or anywhere Vortex Doors is located, contact Vortex Doors or give us a call at 800-698-6783.


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Pedestrian GateMaintaining the safety and security for residents is something property managers do have to take seriously. In order to keep the residents safe and free from unwanted solicitation, property managers utilize many things to keep out burglars and solicitors, such as motion detector lights, surveillance cameras and even guard towers. But one simple item to consider is adding a pedestrian gate.

A pedestrian gate is narrow opening that is just big enough for people to walk through it. They allow residents to enter a location or property through with the use of a key. These secure gates help protect the property from unwanted guests, including burglars and solicitors. While this may not seem like a lot of protection, the fact is surrounding fences and pedestrian gates reduce unauthorized foot traffic on to a property, especially late at night.

In addition to these pedestrian gates actually making an impact in preventing trespassers from entering your property, residents will have a sense of security when living or considering to move into your community. There are also many different types and styles of pedestrian gates, so you can certainly find one that will complement the look of your property.

If you want your tenants to be free of unwanted solicitation, feel safe, and most importantly be safe, have a pedestrian gate installed. Or if you already have one on your property, be sure to have it maintained regularly to avoid any problems with your gate to prevent an intruder or unwanted guest.

To learn more about installing, maintaining or repairing pedestrian gates, contact Vortex Doors or give us a call at 800-698-6783.


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Orem, UtahDoors in businesses throughout the Orem, Utah, area see a great deal of use each day from both customers and employees. Some doors are put under great mechanical strain while others, such as garage and dock doors, have electrical components that may malfunction with no warning. Every business should have a professional service they can trust to repair or even replace any of their commercial doors. Vortex, with its new location in Orem, Utah, is an excellent choice because local businesses will find that there is a level of trust and commitment with the company that they cannot find elsewhere.

Maintenance Plan

Even when your commercial doors seem to be working well, you will still want to choose an experienced repair service that offers a maintenance plan. All doors should be inspected thoroughly at least twice a year or more often for frequently used doors. The hardware, such as hinges, door closers, doorstops, pivots, handles, springs and rollers, as well as any electrical parts should be checked for malfunction or for basic wear and tear that must be repaired. In addition, your business should find a company that services all doors, including sliding doors, garage and dock doors, roll-up or overhead doors, glass, wood and metal doors. A great maintenance plan can save you on costly emergency repairs later and can be done at your convenience.

High Safety Standards

A professional door repair company should have a high commitment to integrity and safety in all of its work. Each employee should look professional and receive ongoing safety training in necessary techniques associated with door repair, including welding, torch use, loading and ladder safety. In addition to demonstrating safety, the technician should also properly greet customers and provide them with excellent customer service.

Stellar Employees

Most importantly, however, you must be completely pleased with the employees who service your doors. Although each business’s standards may be slightly different, you will want to find repair personnel who are honest, reputable and dependable. Their work should be done with care and precision, and they should never cut corners. You will feel more comfortable working with friendly, personable individuals as well. A reputable professional door repair service with years of experience can keep you and your employees and customers safe and save you on future costly repairs and door replacement.

For more information on commercial door repair in Orem, UT or anywhere Vortex Doors is located, contact Vortex Doors or give us a call at 800-698-6783.

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Vortex DoorsOrem, Utah (August, 2014) Vortex is pleased to be opening new doors in their Utah market.

Traditional personalized service, fast response time, and extensively trained Technicians from Vortex’s state of the art training facilities are what have kept Vortex Doors on the rise since 1937.

We are excited to expand our service to Orem to help the community with their door needs like we have in Salt Lake City for over 20 years,” expressed Stacey Muto, Corporate Accounts Manager.

Ben Crowther, Team Leader, along with Gary Inglis, Regional Manager, will be at the helm to ensure the Orem Team is well-developed and ready to help businesses in the area to keep their doors working, safe, and secure.

Many retail chains currently using other services are anxious to make Vortex Doors their primary door and gate vendor. The quick response time, high level of customer service, and competitive rates Vortex is known for made for an easy decision to expand Vortex into the Utah County market.

About Vortex Doors Training Facility

All Vortex technicians go through a 5-day training course at their exclusive Vortex Training Center in Costa Mesa, CA. Technicians learn cost-effective solutions to repair various overhead doors, dock levelers, entrance doors, and related door hardware.

Technicians are required to complete an intensive AAADM Training Course to receive proper training and certification that will ensure all doors are up to ANSI 156.10 Safety Standards for the safety of Customers and Employees.

About Vortex Doors

Vortex is a family owned business passed through generations since 1937. They now currently have 33 self-performing Service Centers covering Utah, California, Texas, Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, Oregon and Washington.

“Our foundation is built on delighting Customers. If you do that right everything else will fall into place” states Mike Kattan, President of Vortex.

The Utah County location is located at:

1985 S., Milestone Dr. #A

Salt Lake City, UT 84104

You can reach Vortex at (800) 698-6783, or visit their website at

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Roll Up Door InsulatedHave you been considering the pros and cons of using or installing an insulated roll up door? Although they are a common feature with industrial sites, commercial businesses can use these unique barriers to save money in several ways. To get a better idea about why you should use these types of doors versus other options, take a look at five top reasons to use insulated roll up doors below.

1. High winds insurance premiums saver

Each year, when you go to pay your annual property insurance premiums, there are certain ways you can get discounts. In particular, insulated roll up doors will save you against property damage caused by the weather. Although it is not always the case, insurance companies potentially give discounts to commercial property owners that have a way to permanently shutter windows against high winds produced by tornadoes and hurricanes. Most insulated roll up doors can be wind-load certified and are tough, durable and wide.

2. Providing extra physical security for commercial property owners

By installing roll up doors, you can increase the security of your property and watch your annual property insurance premiums fall. For instance, if you leave your business unattended for a long duration on a regular basis, having a large door to cover windows, the garage door and the entry doors could save you money by avoiding break-ins.

3. Utility bill-saving doors

One of the great things about insulated roll up doors is the ability to be dependable and sturdy. However, they also have the ability to stop energy transfers. If you get a lot of sun on one particular side of your property, you can keep the heat out by putting insulated roll up doors on the windows on the side. You can also keep the ill effects of winter away from your property by having a roll of door with insulation installed.

RollUpDoor_Insulated2_24. Easy operating doors

Are you always dodging a door or having to work moving single file through a traditional door? Perfect for larger demanding door applications, insulated roll up doors will give you more space to work with. They will also be large enough to allow you to turn a business store into a garage door. Although models in the past were difficult to install, modern models feature quick installation, push-up operation and the brackets are built into place.

5. Stylish and simplistic look to maintain

Of course, at the end of the day, many commercial business owners appreciate the insulated roll up door because it is a simple addition to almost every exterior architectural style. For that reason, it is considered one of the best of the least expensive choices when it comes to doors for commercial businesses. In addition to getting metal models, the insulated roll up doors can be outfitted with wood or other materials to match the exterior of architecture. The only thing that the property owner needs to do is call a professional and have them installed.

For more information about insulated roll up doors, contact Vortex Doors or give us a call at 800-698-6783.

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