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Archive for February, 2018

Fire Rated Doors

Interior fire rated doors do not just function as a way to enter and leave the space, but also as a method of blocking out the movement of fire through a building. By installing fire rated doors, it becomes possible to reduce at least some of the risk associated with the fire spreading. This can […]

Motorized Doors

Proper interior doors provide a simple function, but when they are not installed correctly or do not operate in the best manner, they become a safety hazard. Any building owner – whether commercial or residential – must take specific care to realize when there are risks associated with these doors. Once it is understood what […]

Torsion Spring

A torsion spring is a relatively new door opening spring, as compared to the traditional expansion springs, that works by twisting, which in turn, exerts torque in the opposite direction that is proportional to how much it was twisted. Commercial and industrial torsion springs are used in warehouses, loading docks, and a variety of other […]