A torsion spring is a relatively new door opening spring, as compared to the traditional expansion springs, that works by twisting, which in turn, exerts torque in the opposite direction that is proportional to how much it was twisted. Commercial and industrial torsion springs are used in warehouses, loading docks, and a variety of other locations that require large overhead doors. Because of the wide range of applications, door sizes, and door weights, the torsion springs on commercial and industrial doors vary widely in size and lift.

Torsion springs are used in the placement within spring bars that are mounted on the inside of the door itself. They use a center bracket, as well as a drum with a cable, which runs down the sides of the door to the bottom bracket. This allows for the cables to wind around the drum as the door opens, effectively providing the force needed to lift the door. Contrary to an extension spring, which expands and contracts, a torsion spring turns, which makes it a more durable and efficient method for opening heavy commercial doors.

Because of their large number of uses, and the different door sizes and weights available on the market, torsion springs for commercial doors come in a wide range of sizes. It is also noteworthy that commercial doors may require single, duplex and triplex springs. Duplex torsion springs are those in which a smaller spring is placed inside a larger one, with both of them working together. This results in less space being needed on the shaft. Triplex springs are of the same principle except for the number of springs, which in this case is three.

The number of springs used on a particular door will depend on its height and width, as well as the type of shaft and number of brackets. In some cases, a commercial vertical lift door will only require one bracket, while others will need two or more to function correctly. Sometimes, very wide doors will demand the use of several springs placed in a linear manner, which leads to the use of multiple anchor brackets.

One of the great benefits to using torsion springs on commercial doors is their availability. If one of the springs on the door breaks over time, it can be easily replaced by another one without having to change the entire door opening system, therefore reducing maintenance costs and time invested in the repair itself.

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