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More than a simple entrance, the right door improves the efficiency and functionality of your barn.

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Pole barn doors are a key feature of airplane hangers, storage units, and agricultural buildings. Choosing the door that best fits your needs depends on the size of your barn, vehicles, and equipment, as well as type and frequency of use.

Sliding Pole Barn Doors

Sliding pole barn doors are simple and economical. They open wider than any other barn door and let you take advantage of the maximum clearance of your building. Single doors or full doors are available, for added flexibility.

Despite their size, sliding pole barn doors are easy to operate. Efficient tracks and lightweight materials allow them to slide open with minimal effort. But because they operate manually, they are not the first choice for vehicle storage. Instead, they are most commonly used in stables, livestock facilities, machine shops, and storehouses.

Overhead Barn Doors

Overhead pole barn doors are reliable and convenient. Like standard garage doors, they retract up along the ceiling. Though they require more headroom, they can be operated remotely, which makes them a popular choice for machine sheds.

Constructed from durable, lightweight materials such as wood, steel, and aluminum, overhead pole barn doors are not only long-lasting, but an effective seal against the elements. They’re a strong insulator and, with proper weatherstripping, block out dust, dirt, and pests. Besides vehicle storage, they are used in workshops, hobby shops, and locations requiring quick and frequent access.

Hydraulic Barn Doors

Designed for airplane hangers, industrial warehouses, and large agricultural equipment, hydraulic pole barn doors are the largest on the market. Operated by a powerful hydraulic system, they can cover openings up to sixty feet wide.

In addition, they offer considerable protection. Thick insulation prevents buildings from gaining or losing heat to outside environments, while blocking out wind and debris that could damage sensitive equipment. What’s more, hydraulic doors open outward, allowing you to maximize space inside your entryway.

Roll Up Barn Doors

Roll up doors are commonly used in storage sheds and commercial barns. Made from wood, aluminum, or steel, they are highly durable and offer strong protection against the elements. They are an effective insulator and create a tight seal against outside temperatures, as well as dirt, insects, rodents, and other contaminants.

Vortex Doors is a leader in high quality commercial and specialty door solutions. We serve a wide range of industries, with service centers across the U.S. to meet your specific needs. For more information about pole barn door installation and repair, or to begin preparing your own project, contact us today.

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