Stop Pests in Their Tracks with These Entry Point Tips

There’s no question it’s important to focus on security at your entry points but there’s one sneaky culprit you need to watch for: Pests. As temperatures begin to climb in many parts of the country, so do the lives and debris from unwanted pests in and around your commercial doors and hardware. Doors are the number one entry point for pests, making it extremely important to be sure openings are sealed and surrounding areas are clean.

Now is the Time

Insects and pest infestations occur most often in the late spring and throughout the summer. Many species hibernate during the colder months in walls and storage spaces, then typically emerge and become a nuisance as temperatures rise. It’s important to regularly schedule preventative maintenance appointments before each major season. 

A Problem for Business

Besides their unsightliness, some pests such as poisonous spiders, cockroaches and rodents can cause health problems and spread disease. Rodents, once inside, might also cause extensive damage by chewing through wiring and supplies, resulting in expensive repairs and massive inventory losses. Pest infestations can also cause damage to a business’ reputation and lose customers. In some cases, these infestations can even lead to closures due to public health violations and fines.

Choose The Right Hardware


As always, it’s important to select commercial doors, windows, pass-throughs and hardware that have proper seals for all seasons. Most doors should be installed with a rubber or nylon brush door sweep, for instance, so when closed, the openings around them are no more than a fourth of an inch. There are many types of seals and solutions to target different pests and insects.

The Culprits

  • Birds
  • Moths
  • Spiders
  • Gnats and Flies
  • Ants
  • Crickets
  • Cockroaches and Ground Beetles
  • Rats and Mice
  • Mosquitoes

Stop Pests in Their Tracks with These Entry Point Tips

Aside from having a pest control company on speed dial, you should also keep your grounds clean of garbage and food, remove standing water and leaks, trim overgrown landscaping around entry points and thoroughly inspect deliveries. 

Vortex technicians are always a great resource on this issue. Let our team of highly trained professionals assess your door and window entry points and help with any other maintenance you may require.Vortex has a wide variety of seals, sweep seals, perimeter seals for all types of doors and dock levelers to help meet your needs.  Request your estimate here or contact us at 800-698-6783.