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As our name, Vortex, suggests, we’re all around you. As one of America’s leading commercial and industrial door services company, we delight our customers with superior maintenance, repair, and installation services by listening to their needs and addressing them quickly while meeting the highest safety and quality standards. At Vortex, we go “above and beyond” to exceed customers’ expectations by using the latest technologies and business processes to serve customers in the Aviation, Industrial, and Agricultural sectors. Our partners include many of the leading manufacturers of doors and accessories, including Schweiss, Norco, and JaCor.

If You’ve Got Hangar Doors,
Use Our Expertise to Maintain Them

Whether your hangar doors are bi-fold, (cable strap or hydraulic), hydraulic or sliding (manual or motorized), we have the experience and know-how to keep your doors in top working order. For an overview of our capabilities, see the table below.

Bi-Fold Hangar Door
Sliding Hangar Doors

Depend on Vortex for These Maintenance & Repair Services

Vortex Doors Hangar Doors

The Versatility to Serve Your Industry

Whether your hangar doors, other types of specialty doors and accessories, or dock equipment is in an aviation, industrial, or agricultural setting, Vortex can help. Our ability to maintain, repair, and install air curtains & flyer fans, high-speed doors, roll-up doors, overhead doors, access control doors, hydraulic and manual dock equipment, and related products and systems, makes us a valuable long-term partner. See this chart for an overview of our capabilities.


Annual inspections lower the lifetime
cost of ownership and can extend the
lifespan of the door system.

Retrofit Automation

Retrofit automation to improve
ergonomics and optimize the
operation of hangar doors


Repair worn and damaged parts to get
your door back into operating mode.

Preventative Maintenance

Proactively check and service critical
parts before they break and result in
significant downtime.


Salvage custom or hard to find parts to
manufacturer standards.

Parts Replacement

Upgrade or replace custom or hard to find
parts to manufacturer standards.

Put Vortex at the Center of Your Hangar Door Protection Strategy

Putting Safety First Helps Us Build Long-Lasting Relationships

To maintain a safe work environment that helps our customers maximize uptime, we regularly hold mandatory training sessions, stock our vehicles with state-of-the-art safety equipment, and adhere to the highest safety standards and regulations. It’s one of the many ways we show how much we value team members, customers, and partners.


Vortex specializes in hangar door maintenance, repair, and installation services for customers in the aviation, industrial, and agricultural sectors. The company has been in business since 1937 and serves customers throughout the western United States. Vortex operates a state-of-the-art training center in Irvine, CA, to ensure that every job is completed safely and with excellence.

Tell us about your hangar door maintenance, repair, and installation requirements, and we’ll let you know how we can help.

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