Automatic doors are great for your business, but they can become a liability issue when not maintained according to industry standards or when they malfunction. Once installed, an automatic door is only as good as the technician who inspects and repairs it. When it’s time for your automatic door’s annual check-up, the easiest way to verify that the technician is capable of performing the inspection and/or repair properly is to ask to see their AAADM certification.

Protections Provided with AAADM Certification

The American Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers, or AAADM, is a trade association offering certification courses for power-operated automatic door technicians with a minimum of ninety days prior experience in the pedestrian door industry. AAADM certified technicians have received extensive training related to every component involved in manufacturing doors.

They are qualified to perform proper inspections according to the current ANSI 156.10 Safety Standards. Utilizing these standards will ensure that your door system is equipped with the most recent technology available for both safety and reliability.

These certified technicians have the knowledge to efficiently troubleshoot problems and resolve them. Having on-the-job training along with course work and certification protects clients by providing well-seasoned technicians with the expertise necessary to keep your automatic doors operating smoothly and reduce injury and liability.

aaadm2 Vortex Technicians are AAADM Certified

When your insulated doors need repairs, Vortex is here to help. As a family owned and operated business since 1937, Vortex is committed to providing you with a fast and thorough response to your needs. In addition to automatic door repairs, Vortex also offers entrance door repairs, warehouse door installations, fire door installations, ADA compliance inspections and low cost preventive maintenance inspections. For more information, contact Vortex Doors online or call 800-698-6783.