commercial door sweep A door sweep is a type of weatherstripping that’s mounted to the bottom rail of your door in order to prevent dust, dirt, drafts, debris, and pests from getting in. Although sweeps can be fitted to any door, exterior doors benefit the most. By creating a barrier against the outside environment, they help you control conditions inside your business. For doors without a threshold, they’re an absolute necessity. Installing a commercial door sweep:

  • Lowers Energy Costs. Heating and cooling a building is expensive when the warm and cold air you produce is constantly seeping out beneath your doors. Commercial sweeps block drafts that drive up energy costs while also making your workspace more comfortable.
  • Keeps Out Insects and Rodents. Businesses attract a lot of pests: mice, rats, flies, ants, termites, roaches, etc. The easiest way to deal with them is to stop them from entering in the first place. Adding a commercial door seals the entrances into your building, keeping unwanted critters where they belong ‒ outside.
  • Helps Protect You From Water Damage. A few days of rain and snow can seriously degrade your entryway. Wood swells. Carpets get soaked. Mold can creep in. A commercial door sweep helps reduce outside moisture from seeping into your floor and damaging your business.

Any part of your business that regularly produces dust can create an environmental hazard. Mounting a sweep seal helps prevent those rooms from contaminating the rest of your building, creating better conditions for everyone.

Types of Commercial Door Sweeps

There are two types of door sweeps. The first provides a solid barrier. The second provides a flexible one. Which type is right for you depends largely on your circumstances.

  • Neoprene and Vinyl Sweeps. Made from flexible, black rubber, these sweeps create a hard barrier around your door. They provide the strongest possible seal and are most effective in areas with smooth, level floors. Because they let in the smallest amount of moisture, they’re great for businesses coping with extreme weather.
  • Nylon Brush Sweeps. A long strip of polymer bristles that resist moisture and retain insecticides. Because they conform to the contours of the ground, they’re the most effective solution for doors in areas with cracked or uneven flooring.
  • Automatic Door Sweep.  This is a product ideal when the concrete or flooring is not level or shifting. The sweep will retract up when the door is open, and will come back down when the door is closed. This allows the door to open and close easily if there is raised flooring under the path of the door. 

Choosing the Best Sweep For Your Business

Vortex works with companies across multiple industries, evaluating their buildings in order to determine the right solution for their particular needs and situation. If you’re unsure which commercial door sweep offers the best protection for your business, schedule a meeting with one of our technicians. They’ll examine your building and recommend the perfect solution for each entryway. Contact us today for a free quote!